May 29, 2017

Seas The Sale!

I have always felt the need to be by the water. Doesn't matter if it's an ocean, lake, river, or pond, you'll find me nearby. The water sparks a certain feeling I can't experience anywhere else. A sense of peace and wonder that reminds me to breathe and live in the present moment. It's also where I have my best ideas. Maybe that's why I'm always nagged at for taking too long showers xD So naturally I'd love to bring that feeling with me wherever I go. How is that possible? By incorporating that into my wardrobe! If it reminds me of the beach, it's an instant buy for me. My closet is a never-ending sea (Haha, get it?) of blue, white, navy, and gold. Well, that and my mermaid, sea creature, and shell-shaped jewelry, bags, shoes, and accessories. So when I spotted this amazing nautical printed blouse on sale on VIPme, it very quickly made its way into my wardrobe! It's almost like they know me ;) I'll take a bet that they have something that defines who you are as well. Better seas that opportunity fast ;)

Blouse: VIPme, Shorts: White House Black Market, Shoes: Express, Purse: Nila Anthony, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Charming Charlie 

May 25, 2017

Little Black Maxi Dress!

I have a fun little history lesson for all of you ;) For those who don't already know the background, the famous little black dress was originally worn for mourning. It didn't become a daily staple until 1926. Although not created by Coco Chanel, it was popularized by her after her LBD sketch was published in Vogue. After that, the simple yet elegant design was shown in endless ways by countless designers. Fast forward to 2017, and you know the drill. Every woman needs at least one little black dress. I have at least 4 ;) I would have more, but then I risk someone mistaking me wearing the same thing twice ;P So in order to fix that problem, I decided to try a LBMD (Little Black Maxi Dress)! Let's just say that I'm in love. It's slimming, elongating, comfortable, and can be styled a million ways. And that's not all! Thanks to VIPme, I can find a huge selection of LBMD's. In case I'd like 4 of those as well. Along with a few more LBD's. Just kidding! Sort of...;) So follow suit, (Only corny because Coco popularized that as well, hehe) and channel your inner Chanel with VIPme's sophisticated styles! 

Dress: VIPme, Belt & Pumps: Express, Hat: Indiana Flea Market, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Rocksbox 

May 18, 2017

Degree and DRYV!

I've ruined a fair amount of clothing in my lifetime. Between being accident prone, a slightly messy eater, and a bit of an adventurer, my clothing has seen plenty of stains, smudges, and snags. Like the time in 8th grade I went to a Bill Nye Expo and got so into singing "BILL, BILL, BILL, BILL!" that I spilled Dip & Dots all over my lap. I'll tell you what, I was probably the first girl to rock rainbow splattered jeans ;) That's okay though, every stain has a story that my friends find wildly amusing to go along with it xD What's not okay? When my deodorant is what ruins my look. Apparently I'm not the only one. In fact, Degree recently uncovered that 300 million pieces of clothing have been tossed by millennials over a lifetime due to white marks or yellow stains. That amounts to $6.5 billion dollars! That's why I've partnered with Degree and DRYV to promote Degree Deodorant’s Anti-Marks Technology. It leaves NO white marks and NO yellow stains, and is featured in the brand’s new UltraClear Black + White Dry Spray. With DRYV's on-demand cleaning services, you can schedule a garment pickup in seconds. Your garments are professionally cleaned and delivered on your time, when it’s most convenient. That coupled with Degree deodorant ensures you continue to stay stylish. Especially you Bill Nye fans ;) 

Top: Express, Skirt: Francesca's Collections, Hat: Vintage, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Guys N Gals

May 14, 2017

Read My Lipstick!

Once I find a makeup style I like, I stick with it. For a loooooong time. After that, it becomes something I'm known for. Ask any of my friends or family. The definition of Brittany would be: winged eyeliner, long eyelashes, pink rosy cheeks, and full red lips. Let's just say I'm very inspired by the 1950's look! Every now and then I'll throw in a purple lip, but that's the extent of excitement. That's until My Makeup Brush Set sent me a 12 pack of their best selling everlasting velvet matte lip colors! Now I have pink, blue, orange, nude, and many more to test out! I'll admit, so far the red is my favorite ;) Last time, I tried the product that My Makeup Brush Set is best known for: their oval brush set. Their innovative brush type threw off my makeup routine in the best way! I ended up loving them, and was happy they got me to step outside of my box. Now they're back at it again with having me try funky lip colors. So if you're looking for change in your routine, try out My Makeup Brush Set's products! Hopefully you'll experiment a bit more than me ;) 

Lipstick: My Makeup Brush Set, Dress: White House Black Market, Hat: Charming Charlie, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Francesca's Collections 

May 9, 2017

Fashion Massacre 8!

Being a fashion blogger who has witnessed the shows from below, I've always wondered how it would feel to be in the opposite position. To be the one standing at the end of the runway, bravely facing the crowd from above. So when Cheryl of C. Creations suggested I try out Fashion Massacre 8, I jumped at the opportunity. I watched an endless stream of YouTube modeling tutorials, and practiced, practiced, practiced! I went to three practices, where I walked in circles, lines, and figure eights for hours. I struck poses, gave faces, and tried not to trip over the person in front of me xD So on the day of run-throughs, I was a bit caught off guard. Remember my daydream of gracing the runway? Well, it turned out to be the cobblestone streets of old Detroit at the Detroit Historical Museum instead. Which ended up being very original and artistic, but much more challenging in heels! On the day of the show, I was as ready as I'd ever be. We gathered 6 hours in advance, and settled into our prep room. While some models took turns getting their hair and makeup done, the rest of us joined our coach, Dante, for warm ups and yoga. Well, and a lot of shaking our shoulders, arms, and butts. As silly as it felt, and as many hushed giggles went around, you could feel the energy fill the room. After hours more of placements, hairspray, green eyeshadow, and conversation, it was time for the show. The camera flashes were blinding, the music was blaring, and the crowd was roaring. Even though we played mannequin for 15 minutes at a time, it went by in the blink of an eye. Every ounce of sweat and stress was completely worth it. To sum it all up? Being a runway model involves a lot of time, chaos, disarray, sticky tape, and sore feet. But it also involves a lot of practice, dedication, teamwork, friendships, and fashion. Thank you to the designers for your stunning work, the models for being so sweet to work with, Dante for being an amazing coach, and the entire Fashion Massacre team for letting me be a behind the scenes blogger AND model! 

May 5, 2017

Rapids And Ruffles!

Life has been a real whirlwind lately! Not only figuratively with how busy I've been, but also literally with how awful this Michigan weather is! Fortunately, two weeks ago I was able to spend a perfectly beautiful day with my family in Grand Rapids. I had never been before, and had wanted to see the Frederik Meijers Sculpture Gardens. Here I thought it would be a greenhouse and a mile or so walk, but man oh man was I wrong! Their conservatory happens to be Michigan's largest, with five different themed gardens. My favorite room contained a waterfall, and was filled with tropical birds and butterflies. There were several outdoor garden themes as well, including a Japanese garden, farmer's garden, and sculpture garden. We enjoyed posing by the strange statues and trying to guess the meanings behind them! My dad kept joking that they all looked like they landed from outer space xD With it being a massive 158 acre property, we didn't even have time to explore the nature trails, boardwalk, cafĂ©, or indoor gallery! After that we hit the Downtown Market for food. The market is home to 22 indoor market vendors, 2 restaurants, and a rooftop greenhouse where you can enjoy your meal basking in the sun. Needless to say, I would have loved to have spent more time in Grand Rapids. What we did manage to see was absolutely stunning, and I can't wait to go back to see it all! 

Top, Jeans, Flats & Belt: Express, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Watch: Michael Kors