October 16, 2015

Fashion Speak Detroit!

Yesterday I attended Detroit's biggest Fashion Conference, Fashion Speak! Being this was my first time attending, I had a very little idea of what to expect. Was I glad that I went though, because this event far exceeded my expectations! The event was held on the second floor of the beautiful Fifth Third Bank building, on One Woodward. In a room surrounded with tall glass windows, we had a breathtaking view of the city. High-top tables were reserved for bloggers, tables for seating, couches for lounging, and hundreds of chairs circled the room, making it easy for anyone to view the center stage. Continental breakfast, lunched by Buddy's Pizzeria, and appetizers and cocktails were the options served throughout the day. There were 5 different workshops, presented by 9 speakers, each an hour long with time for questions at the end. The first presentation was by Taubman, owner of multiple successful malls, including Great Lakes Crossing, and Twelve Oaks. Each speaker spoke a different part of their business, including opening a business, visual, leasing, and marketing. When asked the question, "if malls are slowly closing down, how are Taubman malls still thriving?", they gave the perfect response. They summed up that they stay current, evolve with the times, welcome social media and technology, provide interactions with customers and stores, and constantly bring in new additions. A perfect example would be their addition of the overwhelmingly popular Cheesecake Factory. With 2-3 hour wait times, diners are presented with an opportunity to shop while they wait. This was all terrific advice to people who just want their business to stay relevant. Kim Banat, VP of First Merit bank was the second presenter, and spoke of lending between banks and businesses. Kim made it clear that loans are not as difficult to recieve these days, and banks are itching to provide them. This was all helpful information for those who have never borrowed loans before. Roslyn Karamoko was third to speak on behalf of being the owner and fashion buyer of her business, Detroit is the New Black. With an in depth story about her personal journey in fashion, it was easy to connect with her poised demeanor, and cheerful spirit. She stressed the importance of traveling to understand culture and diversity, doing your research on trends, and providing what consumers want. Kristen Deryck, freelance production manager, was the fourth speaker. She provided all the steps from concept to production of designs. Kristen made it very clear that it is crucial to check who you work with, and follow along with them on every step of the production process. Kevan Hall, Detroit-made fashion designer was the keynote speaker and final presenter. Being interviewed by Karen Buscemi, head of Detroit Garment Group, Kevan inspired all designer hopefuls in the room that their dreams could become realizations. From working under world renowned design name, Halston, to outfitting celebrities on the red carpet, to dressing Michelle Obama, Kevan proved that it could be done. With points like, "social media is the competitive advantage young designers have today", and "you are your brand, so you must present yourself well", Kevan hit the nail on the head. Following that, there was time for pictures, cocktails, connecting, and mingling with fellow fashionistas. Business cards, compliments, and hugs were exchanged all around. With so much information and advice, Fashion Speak was a well worth trip! I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and plan on supporting future Detroit Garment Group events, and attending next year's Fashion Speak as a guest blogger!

October 13, 2015

PFW '15 Review!

Fashion month is officially over! That statement can also be taken as "fashionista life is officially over". Let's just admit it, PFW was just as amazing as all the rest. From one extreme to the other, there was something for everyone. Looks went from soft, dreamy, and lacey, to sharp, structured, and recycled. And I mean literally, the Loewe show featured plastic pants! Now that's not exactly my cup of tea, but I will share with you my review on top looks and shows from PFW! Balmain was my top show, with top models like Gigi, Kendall, and Alessandra, it was hard to beat. Looks were filled with tiered ruffles, suede, laser cuts, and leather! The colors were very neutral, and model looks were very polished in sleek ponytails. Maybe Rousteing's inspiration came from his upcoming collaboration with retail giant H&M? My second show would have to be the Alexander McQueen show. An extremely gentle and romantic show by Sarah Burton I'd say. There was lace, feathers, fur, and hint of a Victoriana decay. It was quite unlike the usual show filled with masks, outlandish hair, extravagant makeup, and wild distractions. It was the perfect show to take the viewer back to simpler times. My final pick would be the Elie Saab show. When it comes to Elie Saab, I fall for their romantic gowns covered in sequins and dripping in details every time. This time was something a bit different. Although I didn't care for the neon stripes shown in certain looks, I did love the lace looks. The black and white cascading lace in full length gowns was jaw dropping. Hopefully come spring they continue the elegance that I love! Well that's enough fashion speak for now ;) Tomorrow I'm attending the Fashion Speak Conference in Detroit, and I'm dying to see how it goes and share it with everyone. Brunch, 8 fashion workshops, speakers in the business, and an after party with goodie bags? Let's just say I'm beyond excited! Stay tuned to hear my experience! 

Alexander McQueen
Elie Saab

October 1, 2015

LFW/MFW '15 Review!

Although I loved everything that came from NYFW, I have to say that LFW and MFW impressed me even more! Even with the installment of new creative designers, and designers with 40 years in the business, the surprises were far from disappointing! There were 3 designers from each week that stood out above the rest for me. So let's start out with my favorites from LFW. Julien Macdonald's S/S '15 show was nothing short of dazzling. Models wore a very dark eye makeup, with a wet sheen to their skin and hair. I'd call it a very "seductive siren" look. Dresses included the most intricate patterns, and flattering fits. The colors of each dress perfectly complimented each other, and the fabrics gave off the most entrancing sheen. My absolute first pick for LFW. Alice Temperley came in second place for me. Models had a very simple updo with a fun fedora, and a very natural makep. Dresses ranged from a very glamorous sundress, to an even more glamorous evening dress. The neutral colors, light fabrics, and laced sandals had me in the mood to fly to Greece, and soak up the sun. Burberry was my third and final top pick for LFW. Models wore a very straight hair, and romantic crimson lip color. For looks, the color combinations were crimson, black, and gold, which I absolutely swooned over. Overall, it had a very sophisticated and wealthy feel, with the gold trims, chains, button detailing, and leather backpacks. Thank you London for an awe-inspiring fashion week! Now on to Milan Fashion Week! It's not very often that I can say that I would wear every look that comes down a runway show, but this year Giorgio Armani made me say just that. For a designer who has been doing this for 40 years, he certainly still knows what he's doing! Every look was luxurious with layers of blouses, trousers, jackets, and dresses. Professional and slightly masculine, each look still flattering to the female body. The red, white, and blue felt very Americana, but the collection still held true to the Italian influence. An impeccable show in my opinion. For my second pick, I chose Roberto Cavalli. With the installment of it's new creative director, Peter Dundas, I was anxious to see what the show would bring. I must say, that the collection by Dundas brought all the glamour from his previous looks done with Emilio Pucci. Flowing skirts and dresses, with ruffles and ties ruled the runway. The new surprises consisted of denim, distressed looks, and tie-dye. Lastly, my third and final pick was Fendi. Karl Lagerfeld never fails to impress, and the Fendi show was proof of that! Models wore a bob style hair, and black eyeliner. The looks were very clean, simple, and boxy, with a light and billowy look here and there for balance. Pockets and large stitches gave a great added touch. Thank you to Milan Fashion Week for showing fashion how it's done! I can't wait for all the shows for this week's Paris Fashion Week, and plan to stalk them just as intently for the next and best! Au revoir for now!

Julien Macdonald LFW
Alice Temperley LFW
Burberry LFW
Giorgio Armani MFW
Roberto Cavalli MFW
Fendi MFW