June 23, 2018

Drybar Birmingham!

The truth is, I've never had my hair done at the salon before. 
My mom has always been the one to cut, dye, and style my entire family's hair, and she's always done a fantastic job!
But naturally I've always been curious what it would be like to have it done by someone else.
At the same time, I've been terrified to let someone else touch my precious hair. 
Until Drybar offered the opportunity to have it done at their first Michigan location in downtown Birmingham
Admittedly, I was beyond nervous walking into my appointment.
Until I met my stylist, Christian.
Not only was she super sweet, but she had a warm smile and bubbly personality.
She talked about being from the south, and living in sunny California, and I started to forget how nervous I was.
Then they brought over a warm cup of tea and honey, and I felt completely at home.
I chose a "Southern Comfort" hairstyle with lots of volume and big soft curls.
First, she washed my hair with a sweet-smelling shampoo and conditioner. Then she added protective products, and began the drying process. 
It was nothing like drying my hair at home. Typically I turn it on the highest setting, and blow it around furiously, trying to dry my massive amount of hair as quickly as possible. Instead, she took it in layers, softly drying it from root to end. Once dry, she began to tease for added volume, and curl it in sections. Then came the big reveal. When she turned the chair, I was surprised by how much I loved the way it looked. She then made sure that I loved the style before applying a hairspray that would hold it all day.
Thank you to Christian, and to Drybar for the truly wonderful experience!
I may be your newest regular customer ;)

June 17, 2018

Ashley Gold Jewelry!

As all of you now know, my new favorite spot to shop is the Cadillac Marketplace. 
Well the news is that I have found my favorite shop within the Marketplace!
It's called Ashley Gold, and it just may be my bedazzled paradise. 
As Emily and I admired rows and rows of glitz and glam, we got into a great conversation with the owner herself, Ashley
Turns out Ashley has been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry for 22 years, and piloted the show Hardcore Pawn! No wonder I was so in awe of what her shop had to offer! 
When I told her I was all about the bedazzle, she pointed me to the most perfect pair of statement earrings and necklace. 
Cue all the reasons why I'm now obsessed with this brand. 
Not only are the earrings absolutely eye-catching, they're light as a feather. 
Yes, I am that girl who wore hoops to an amusement park. After a day of riding every roller coaster at Disney World, my piercings were stretched and sore. Ever since then I've only been able to wear super light statement earrings. Which as you can imagine are very difficult to find!
Not only does the necklace perfectly compliment the earrings, it also has a convienent magnetic front clasp.
I'm also the girl who is always getting her necklace tangled in her hair. Come on, I have A LOT of hair. It's nearly impossible for me to close my necklace clasps without getting a bunch of hair caught in it! Whenever I wear my new necklace, I'll be tangle free!
If you're looking for jewelry that is quality, convenient, unique, and makes a statement, then Ashley Gold is the jewelry for you! With over 500 unique pieces to choose from, and her spot-on style suggestions, it's the shopping experience you need to have!

June 5, 2018

Central Kitchen At Cadillac Square!

Last week we were invited to join our new foodie friends to taste everything that Central Kitchen + Bar in Detroit had to offer.
And by everything, we mean EVERYTHING.
We had never seen so much food in one place at the same time before.
We tried everything from scallops, to seafood flatbread, to salmon, to veggie tacos, to fried ice cream.
It was a foodie's dream come true.
While their menu was superb, the ambiance historical and beautiful, and the owner absolutely delightful, we were really there to talk about this summer's Cadillac Square installment.
If you loved the Winter Market as much as we did, you'll be ecstatic to hear what this season has to offer!
Open now through September at Cadillac Square in the center of Campus Martius Detroit, is the Cadillac Marketplace & Beer Gardens!
Shop tiny houses filled with goods from local artists, makers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses including York Project, Ink Detroit, Le Detroit Macaron, Flamingo Vintage Detroit, Pewabic, and Dale And Blue.
And if you love a good beer and Bavarian pretzel, then this is your spot to cool down this summer!
Enjoy German-inspired food provided by Central Kitchen + Bar at the Beer Gardens.
Some items on the menu include pours from Atwater Brewery and Great Lakes Brewing Company, and popcorn, pretzel bites, bratwurst, chicken, chips and guacamole, schnitzel, and gelato.
If any of that tastes half as good as what we tried from Central Kitchen's restaurant menu, then you absolutely need to try a few things off the Beer Garden menu!
We can't wait to spend our summer shopping and dining Detroit's hottest new hangout!