November 27, 2016

Show Some Detroit Respect!

I love being an "artsy fartsy" person. I enjoy creating art, and admiring art. Every time I head to Detroit, I view the giant murals that span the city as beautiful works of art. How can you not? Hours of talent, concentration, and dedication go into them. As an artist, I know how much work it takes to create them, and absolutely admire the artist who does. For the longest time, I wanted to be an art teacher. I enjoyed the subject so much, it only made sense to share my passion every day. That's until I realized my calling was fashion. When I changed my mind on what I wanted to do, people were curious why the sudden change? My response? "Because fashion is wearable art." My heart fluttered with the thought of other people wearing my designs, and displaying my work. So of course, I have just as much respect for a great fashion design as I do a stunning mural. That's why I love Detroit Respect. With their strong logo, clever sayings, bold designs, and vivid colors, I can only be reminded of Detroit's murals. Their T-shirt designs make an impact upon wearing. The brand name itself reminds us to respect a city built on so many admirable things. Art, music, industry, culture, and now fashion! Their sayings like, "BElieve THEre is GOOD in Detroit" can inspire us all. They also make an impact upon purchasing. They are a buy-one-give-one company. For every shirt purchased online, they will give one to a worthy cause in Detroit. Or you can purchase their brand, along with over 20 other Michigan-made products at the Metro D Store in Rochester Hills. So let's show Detroit some Respect, and support a local business that gives back ;)

Top Outfit: Top: Detroit Respect, Jacket: Guess, Jeans: Express, Hat: Nordstrom Rack, Pumps: BCBGeneration, Earrings: Glitz and Ears 
Bottom Outfit: Top: Detroit Respect, Jacket: Buckle, Hat: Forever 21, Jeans: Express, Boots: Wet Seal, Earrings: Can't remember...

November 23, 2016

Dress Up With Rose Wholesale!

Dresses are the best. I'm the person who is very typically known for wearing them. If anyone ever asks me why I wear so many, I usually jokingly reply that I don't Iike wearing pants. Now that either gets me a very disturbed and questioning look, or I get the occasional response of, "Trying to show everyone up, huh?" I don't think they quite understand where I'm coming from. I like the feminine feel of a dress, and dresses are easy. Coordinating a two-piece outfit with pants is a little bit more of a task. There's nothing more simple than throwing on a one-piece dress. I like to think it takes less effort than your run-of-the-mill jean or legging look. Add some tights, shoes, jewels, and accessories, and you're instantly stylish! It looks like you took more time to get ready, and normally yields more compliments ;) A great place to shop for dresses is Rose Wholesale. Whether it's for a special occasion, or every day of the week for girls like me, their site has it all. Now go start a dress collection of your own, and thank me later for the compliments ;) 

Top Outfit: Dress: Rose Wholesale, Tights: Francesca's Collections, Pumps: Express, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Francesca's Collections, Earrings: Rocksbox
Bottom Outfit: Dress: Rose Wholesale, Tights: Francesca's Collections, Scarf: Rose Wholesale, Boots: Franco Sarto, Watch: JORD, Earrings: Francesca's Collections 

November 20, 2016

Designer Wood Watch From JORD!

Ah, the holidays. That time of year that sweeps you up in a flurry of non-stop hustle and bustle, and also sweeps you under 5 feet of snow. With present shopping, family gatherings, cooking meals, decorating, and celebrating, it's hard not to lose track of time. Time. Something so precious in the end of the year, that tends to slip by so fast. To enjoy moments with loved ones is what the holidays are all about. Being someone who is always late, or always wishing they had more time, the holidays are especially stressful! It's difficult to dish out a delicious dessert for family dinner, pick the perfect gift, dress the part, and still run your daily life. Thankfully I've got a little help from JORD Wood Watches this season. No they won't help me whip up a pumpkin pie, but they will solve my other dilemmas! With its unique wooden design, and sophisticated face, it's a great piece to pull together your holiday look. It's also a classic design, that can be worn every day for the functionality of keeping the "fashionably late" on time! Not to mention, it's also the perfect gift. JORD watches come in an endless array of both men's and women's styles. You get to choose the type of wood, ranging everywhere from zebrawood to sandalwood. Then choose what color face you'd like. In the end, you're left with a elegant timepiece, that comes in a beautiful wooden box, that also serves as jewelry holder. One watch to save my outfit, time, and sanity? Sounds like my time just freed up a bit ;)

*This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.*

Dress: Express, Shawl: Francesca's Collections, Tights: Francesca's Collections, Pumps: Express, Watch: JORD, Necklace, Earrings, and (some) Rings: Francesca's Collections

November 18, 2016

Doll Faced Cosmetics!

Have you ever found the perfect product and been tempted to buy their entire stock? That's how I feel about my new lip paint from Doll Faced Cosmetics! I currently have the overwhelming urge to purchase it in every color! Let me explain myself before I start to sound crazy ;) I have a very tall order of qualities I'd like for a lip color to be considered the "perfect lip product". I want it to have a beautifully bright pigment, a non-sticky texture, be long-lasting, not bleed or smear, and make it through a sip of coffee without leaving the infamous kiss marks! Let's just say I've gone many years with no such luck! Every brand I've tried thus far has only met 3 or 4 of my 5 qualifications. I've tested everything from cheap drug store brands, to high-end cosmetic counter brands. I pretty much gave up and went with the brand that came the closest. That's until I met Tia. Upon meeting her, she spoke so highly of her product that I wanted so baldy to try! "Doll Faced Cosmetics is a lip color collection that features bold, vibrant colored, vegan liquid lipsticks and lip paints. They also have a variety of lip glosses (non vegan) that give your lips shine without stickiness." Best. Decision. Ever. Her lip paint has met my every need, and exceeded expectations. I'm now throwing a bright red smile with her Everlasting Love Lip Paint at everyone I see. I invite you to join me in flashing smiles in the #getdollfaced movement ;)

Lip Paint: Doll Faced Cosmetics, Jacket: Romwe, Scarf: Express, Tights: Francesca's Collections, Pumps: Express, Watch: Jord, Earrings: Glitz and Ears, Rings: Some Francesca's Collections, some...who knows?

November 14, 2016

Not So Simple Sammy Dress!

Simple can be chic, but everyone knows my style is far from simple! In my opinion, there's nothing fun about a overly simple piece. Unless you plan on dressing it up with some serious jewels! I like a design that has some interest to it. If it has zippers, buttons, or bedazzles...then it has my name on it! When I saw this fringe sleeved sweater and tied shoulder sweater from Sammy Dress, I knew I needed them! They're simple enough to add some accessories, but also unique enough to stand on their own. When you add something of that caliber to your wardrobe, it's a great piece to easily switch out for a new look. Here I started with the same jeans, boots, belt, and watch. By simply changing my top and accessorizing accordingly, I was able to achieve two completely different looks. One being a look worthy of strolling the streets of Paris fashion week, and the other being a look appropriate of cozy cafes in London. For now, these fashions can be seen walking the streets of Metro Detroit ;)

Top Outfit: Top: Sammy Dress, Jeans: Express, Boots: Franco Sarto, Belt: Target, Watch: Michael Kors, Beret: Forever 21, Earrings: Forever 21
Bottom Outfit: Top: Sammy Dress, Jeans: Express, Jacket: Vince Camuto, Boots: Franco Sarto, Belt: Target, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Target, Necklace: Glitz and Ears 

November 10, 2016

All Things Detroit!

Have you ever had a day where you just felt that it went perfectly from start to finish? That's exactly how I felt this past Sunday at All Things Detroit at the Eastern Market. With over 200 local vendors, and an army of food trucks, the event drew in quite the crowd! It was a sunny and pleasant morning, perfect for some shopping, food, and entertainment. We wandered from table to table admiring the craftsmanship that comes from the Detroit area. The range of products was incredible, with everything from clothing, to art, beauty, health, and makeup. We spoke with some wonderful people, and heard their stories behind their businesses. Lynette of Knit Sew Fabulous was a warm and inviting woman who let her work speak for her. While gushing over one of her handmade purple ponchos, she offered that I try it on and get a picture for my blog. Colin of Detroit Respect took time to talk with us on his business, and we took plenty of time talking over which one of his bold and inspiring t-shirt designs to purchase for Christmas gifts. Ojas of Tribalfare explained how she travels to India to purchase the stunning textiles she uses in her bright and colorful designs. She offered that we visit her studio office in TechTown to see her entire selection of work. The owner of Blackfokapparel proudly told us that they've been in the Detroit t-shirt business since 1998, and plan on sticking around to accomplish some big goals. Karen of Natural Red, and her partner, explained that she started her vegan beauty business in desire of healthier products for her children. I purchased a natural deodorant with a fresh lemony smell, that I've enjoyed using! Tia of Doll Faced Cosmetics gave us a synopsis of her long lasting vegan lip colors, that come in every shade from red, to blue, to green! I'll soon be blogging a review of her red everlasting love lip color, so stay tuned ;* We were informed of the event and accompanied by Raymond of Stylish Dreams Group, who it was so nice to catch up with. We ran into our bubbly and beautiful friend V Lynne, blogger of V Lynne's Rhythm Suite. We also saw our friend Daishawn, producer of Walk Fashion Show, which Emily and I will be attending this Sunday back at the Eastern Market! On our way out, we grabbed some delicious natural cherry iced tea from Drifter Coffee. All in all, we had a fantastic time shopping, meeting some talented new friends, and catching up with some old ones at All Things Detroit!