March 30, 2017

Round 2 All Things Detroit!

Nourishing Detroit since 1891. Although originally with meats, jams, spices, and flowers, the Eastern Market is still bustling with business after 126 years. Especially this past Sunday, at All Things Detroit. Now if you've been keeping up with the blog, you'd know this is not my first time there! If you've gone, you would understand! These days, the market is brimming with art, clothing, accessories, sweets and treats as far as the eye can see! That is, if you were tall enough to see past the immense crowd the event drew in! Even though it was a cold, rainy, Sunday morning, the place was packed wall to wall with shoppers. Nothing makes me happier than seeing that type of interest in local talent. To support a local business, is to support the people like my employers, my fashion friends, my best girlfriend, and Bedazzled Britt of course :D So expect to see me at the next All Things Detroit, and possibly the one after that, and after that...;) Along with those who will help to nourish Detroit for years to come!

*Special thank you to Jennyfer Crawford of AskJennyfer for having us!*

March 27, 2017

Trumbull And Porter!

Hotels have always been a fun concept for me. Getting to travel somewhere far away and wake up to something new is exciting! This past weekend, was a little different for me though. I practically traveled to, and woke up the next block over. That's because I stayed at the Trumbull & Porter, Detroit. You might think with it being so close to home, that it lacked the usual excitement, but this was far from the case! Trumbull & Porter is Detroit's only artisan boutique hotel. It was built using the best contractors, staff, artists, designers, hard and soft goods suppliers, and more that Detroit has to offer. Complimentary gated parking, a coffee bar, Detroit Bikes bike rental, a workout room, and a Sundry shop make for a sweet batch of amenities. Our room was cute and quaint, with a great view of the Ambassador Bridge. With a very trendy and minimalist vibe, it was easy to feel right at home. So if you'd like to (finally) take my advice and see everything Detroit has to offer, I've got a great place for you to stay as well ;)

Top Outift: Top: Forever21, Vest: Banana Republic, Jeans & Flats: Express, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Glitz & Ears
Bottom Outfit: Top: Abercrombie & Fitch, Shorts: Victoria's Secret

March 24, 2017

Team Green!

Is it wrong to say you're a State fan if you've never been to Michigan State? Nah. Plus, I'm not a diehard fan. I don't watch football, more of my friends went to State than Michigan, and I prefer the color combo of green and white ;) Well, yesterday I was finally able to visit. After viewing it myself, here's my itinerary for anyone who hasn't! Explore the beautiful campus, admire the art at the Eli and Edythe Broad Museum, grab dinner at Crunchy's, and have dessert at Le Bon Macaron. As for Lansing in general? Obviously you need to see the Michigan State Capital building! Then make your way to Old Town for some shopping. Head to the General Store for Michigan-made products, and organic goods. It's also home to the most insane pet store, with more animals than you'd see at your local zoo! So whether you're team Michigan, or team State, make a team effort to visit Lansing! 

Top: Marshalls, Cardigan: Eddie Bauer, Jeans: Express, Boots: Kohl's, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Walmart, Earrings: Rocksbox 

March 21, 2017

Berry Colorful!

One of my favorite things to do is dress in color on color. Combinations that not many would dare to do. My rule of thumb is to layer different shades, and to pull the colors together throughout! If my skirt is a dark berry, then I'll bring in a matching lip and necklace to help the colors flow. I wore this bright berry look on a family day trip to downtown Plymouth. Perfect for a casual outing, and for this unseasonably warm 2nd day of Michigan spring! Try some bold color pops of your own this season. Happy color coordinating ;) 

Top & Flats: Express, Skirt: Hollister, Necklace: Francesca's Collections, Earrings: Joanne Fabrics

March 17, 2017

Brunch With Brueggers!

Sometimes you need a break from the hum drum of every day. Just a day to relax, rejuvenate, and grab brunch with your bestie. Emily and I do this at least once a week. We pick a destination, eat, shop, and explore. Yesterday our adventure took place in Royal Oak. Why? Well obviously because there's a Bruegger's Bagels there ;) We actually attended their VIP event celebrating the grand re-opening of their Royal Oak bakery. There, we were able to taste their delicious new menu options! Emily and I both chose to try the blue apple salad, and french toast coffee. Fresh food, friendly atmosphere, and impeccable service made for a perfect sisterly outing! Make Bruegger's part of your weekly rejuvenation, or even your daily dose! We'd highly suggest ;)

Outfit: Top: Calvin Klein, Cardigan: Francesca's Collections, Jeans: Express, Booties: DSW, Necklace: Walmart, Earrings: Charlotte Russe 

March 14, 2017

Subscribe With Splendies!

I love getting the mail. I know this must sound crazy to most people, but I enjoy it. As a kid, my friend Nat and I would write each other letters for fun, even though we only lived two streets apart! Too bad sending letters faded off with technology. Nowadays I know there's always the bills, and the junk mail, but what about coupons, cards, and presents? From who you may ask? Well yourself, silly ;) Subscription services are the newest craze to hit the market. If you don't already know, here's how they work. Companies pick an assortment of products around a theme, and send them to you in a monthly subscription box for a small monthly fee. They've become so popular, that you can get everything from a Harry Potter fanatic box, to a workout box, to a box of treats and toys for your dog. So far, I've blogged for a few jewelry, beauty, and now undies services! There's a box for everyone, so sign up for some of your own! I guarantee it'll make getting the mail fun again ;) 

*Use my code: SPLENDIES at checkout for $4 off your first month of Splendies Undies!*

March 10, 2017

Green Pants And Gardens!

If someone were to ask me "What is your favorite place?", I'd have a difficult time answering that question. How about any beach, bookstore, bike trail, wilderness, mall, museum, café, or conservatory? No, I cannot choose just one. And yes, my taste is all over the place. The Matthaei Botanical Gardens happens to be on the favorite list. I love to wander around with no sense of time, taking in the fresh air, and wonders of life. I'm also the nerd who will read up on all the plants. You want to know the funniest thing about this? I can't keep a plant alive for the life of me. Although my mother keeps the most stunning garden, I was not born with a green thumb. I've managed to lose a bonsai, succulent, and a cactus. Yes, you read that right...not even my poor cactus Picky could survive. Maybe I should stick to fashion, and appreciating plants from afar! So if you're in the Ann Arbor area, check it out for yourself. It might just make its way onto your list ;)

Top, Necklace, & Earrings: Francesca's Collections, Watch: Michael Kors, Pants & Shoes: Express

March 4, 2017

Made In Michigan Nails!

I've always been a "Do it yourself" kind of gal. You won't find me getting my hair colored, makeup done, eyebrows shaped, or a mani/pedi at the Salon. I enjoy saving money, having control over the outcome, and knowing those skills. Plus, the one time I had a professional mani/pedi, I discovered I'm much too ticklish that! Over the years I've slowly learned to perfect doing each of those things on my own. In that process, I've really narrowed down my favorite tools and brands to use. I thought that I had finally found the perfect nail polish, until Erik's mom gave me a tray of Cindi Naturals for my birthday. *Thank you!* Cindi Naturals is a Michigan made company. Their product is formulated with 100% organic compounds, contains argon oil for nourishment, and does not contain the "Big Bad Five" common ingredients. You all know I've gone organic for a couple years now, but I didn't know that was possible for polish! Even better, it's made in my beloved home town, and they sell a Michigan themed line of colors! Names like "Let's Meet At Metro Beach", "Detroit Rock City", "On My Way To The DIA", and "Pictured Rocks" bring back fond memories. Currently "Kidd Rocks" is my favorite shade, being a very vibrant red tone! So jump on the natural nail polish train with me, and enjoy the benefits of being beautiful AND healthy!