March 14, 2017

Subscribe With Splendies!

I love getting the mail. I know this must sound crazy to most people, but I enjoy it. As a kid, my friend Nat and I would write each other letters for fun, even though we only lived two streets apart! Too bad sending letters faded off with technology. Nowadays I know there's always the bills, and the junk mail, but what about coupons, cards, and presents? From who you may ask? Well yourself, silly ;) Subscription services are the newest craze to hit the market. If you don't already know, here's how they work. Companies pick an assortment of products around a theme, and send them to you in a monthly subscription box for a small monthly fee. They've become so popular, that you can get everything from a Harry Potter fanatic box, to a workout box, to a box of treats and toys for your dog. So far, I've blogged for a few jewelry, beauty, and now undies services! There's a box for everyone, so sign up for some of your own! I guarantee it'll make getting the mail fun again ;) 

*Use my code: SPLENDIES at checkout for $4 off your first month of Splendies Undies!*

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