September 26, 2016

Keep Comfy With Rose Wholesale!

Fall is for comfort. People tend to associate that word with being unfashionable. Whoever said comfy can't be dressy, is completely wrong! Jeans, tees, jackets, leggings, and sweaters, are some of my favorite staples for fall. All of which are very cozy! Now there's just the job of dressing it up! Statement jewels, scarves, heels, or boots are the easiest ways to add some luxury to a look. Not to mention, you can wear fuzzy socks in those boots for an extra dash of happiness. You can achieve elegance without a dress, skirt, or blouse, and not freeze your way through fall! It's also a lot easier to pick the perfect pumpkin at the patch, or meet up for a pumpkin spice latte date ;) I found a great mix of dressy and comfy at Rose Wholesale. That's where I got this fun pleather baseball jacket, patched turtleneck sweater, and white and gold statement necklaces. Shop their site for some perfect fall finds! Stay cozy and classy my friends!

Top Outfit: Tee: Express, Jacket: Rose Wholesale (Purchase Here), Jeans: Express, Heels: Express, Belt: Target, Earrings: Glitz and Ears, Necklace: Rose Wholesale (Purchase Here), Bottom Outfit: Sweater: Rose Wholesale (Purchase Here), Leggings: Express, Boots: Franco Sarto, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Francesca's Collections, Necklace: Rose Wholesale  (Purchase Here)

September 17, 2016

Fall For Sammy Dress!

The transition between summer and fall is always a difficult time. Especially for those of us who live in a state where all four seasons can occur in one day! I think that makes us Michiganders pretty tough though ;) It's September, and I'm ready for pumpkin spice and all things warm, but not for these 75° temperatures! I've already pulled out my boots and coats for goodness sakes! But since I like to dress for the weather, and I'm also ready for fall, I've found my ways to work around it! One way I cheat this, is by incorporating fall colors into my wardrobe. Reds, browns, creams, and blacks start to make their debut in my outfits. I mix it up by wearing skirts with sweaters, pants with sheer tops, or maxi dresses, which all keep me cool but covered! I also move to different fabrics, like leather, suede, and denim. Lastly, I top it off with fun accessories like felt hats, chunky waist belts, and some leather flats or pumps! A great place to start your seasonal shopping is at Sammy Dress! That's where my new favorite backless maxi, sheer top, and chunky belt came from! Maybe you'll fall for some autumn favorites there as well ;* 

Top Outfit: Dress: Sammy Dress (Purchase Here), Belt: Sammy Dress (Sold Out), Jewels: Francesca's Collections, Watch: Michael Kors, Flats: Express, Bottom Outfit: Top: Sammy Dress (Purchase Here), Skirt: Francesca's Collections, Jewels: Rachel Marie Designs (Contact For Puchase Here), Pumps: Express 

September 13, 2016

Rachel Marie Designs!

Fall is my favorite fashion season. Even though my heart will forever belong to summer weather, I feel more connected to fall style. Fall holds a darker, edgier, and more romantic feel, with a deeper color pallette that can inspire me endlessly! It's also the season for layering. And I'm not just talking sweaters, jackets, vests, and scarves, but also jewels! There's nothing more fun than an armful of bling, or a cluster of necklaces to spice up a sweater. Upon discovering Rachel Marie Designs, I instantly knew her line would be the perfect layering pieces I was looking for! Not to mention she's local, which you all know I'm a big fan of! Rachel's jewelry is designed and created with care in Milford, Michigan. She uses Swarovski Crystal Elements to create designs with a vintage feel. Her work is absolutely stunning, and the quality speaks to how long she's been in the business! Rachel started designing jewelry at the mere age of 12. Her mother encouraged her to turn her hobby into a career by supplying her with beads and crystals that she brought home from buying trips. As Rachel believes, "Every Occassion Should Be Complimented By Great Jewelry." I like to think my favorite season qualifies as a special occasion ;) Compliment your fall attire with some pieces of your own at, or check out her on Instagram at Happy layering, and happy fall!

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 
Top: Francesca's Collections, Jeans: Express, Pumps: Express, Hat: Target, Jewels: Rachel Marie Designs

September 8, 2016

Sky's The Limit At Zaful!

I used to hate wearing patterns. Sure, I'd get a good stripe or polka dot, but nothing too exciting. I used to think floral was either too old or too young, but now I can't get enough of it. And seeing as I was that 90's kid who owned every bubblegum machine choker to exist, I was a tad apprehensive when they made a comeback. And don't even get me started on maxi dresses. I always assumed I could never wear one because I was too tall. That'd I'd look like I was wearing a 5'10 tablecloth. Now I'm obsessed over maxis! Would I have ever considered wearing all three of these trends at once? Never. But look at me now! It all goes to show that you never know what you're going to like until you give it a try. Or even a second try! Styles change, things come back around, and sometimes the strangest things catch on! That's the thing with fashion these days. You never know. I like to think that it's an extension of who you are. There are so many different types of people with different tastes, that the possibilities are endless! Although I did hear that crop tops are making a debut in men's fashion. Not sure how I feel about that ;P To each it's own though, right? So if you'd like to work your way outside your box, I'd suggest shopping They provided me with this entire look, and you can have it too by clicking the links below! Although I've always liked to say "There is no box." Sky's the limit ;) 

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 
Dress: Zaful (, Choker: Zaful (, Earrings: Francesca's Collections, Watch: Michael Kors, Sandals: Michael Kors 

September 3, 2016

Exploring Lake St. Clair!

I've been a nautical gal all my life. Between my obsession for collecting seashells, swimming and splashing around for hours, and being deemed a mermaid, you can say I'm at my happiest near the water. This probably comes from growing up down the street from the beautiful Lake St. Clair. With over 430 square miles of fresh water and 160 miles of shoreline to explore, who could blame me? And I've explored my fair share of it over the years. Last week, I spent a day boating between the various hotspots of Harsens Island. First stop, was a trip across the lake to Club Island at the tip Harsens Island. There, we hopped into the smaller boat and took off towards another part of Harsens Island. We then had ice cream at Riverside Grocery, and attempted to eat it before it melted all over us xD After that, was another short trip to Brown's Bar, where I had an amazing salmon dinner. Being the most colorful building I've ever been in, with upbeat music and quite the crowd, it was a fun dining experience! Then was a stop at Muscamoot Bay, known for the famous Raft Off and Jobbie Nooner. If you like to party, this is your place. Hundreds of boats gather here to have a good time. We however, just came for some swimming, and of course people watching ;) It was getting late, so we headed back to Club Island for some evening fishing off the shore. Let's just say I had a lot of assistance in catching that perch ;P A day of boating, swimming, fishing, melty ice cream, and seafood made for the happiest mermaid you'll ever meet!