December 31, 2017

7 Photographers of 2017!

Modeling is not my career path, but rather a hobby I've come to enjoy very much. Although you won't see me walking down the Victoria's Secret runway, I might be sitting front stage covering the event ;) Alongside some of the most phenomenal photographers I've come to know through my newfound hobby! Meeting new people, seeing new perspectives, and really learning to loosen up and have fun in front of that camera is why I do what I do! So I asked my 7 favorite photographers of 2017 why they started, what makes them love what they do, and shared snippets of their beautiful personalities and our adventures together! Thank you to all of you for working with me, and sharing your incredible stories and talents! 
*** Happy 2018, everyone! ***

Incredibly sweet, knows a thing or two about natural lighting, and beautiful angles! We had a blast even though we were freezing and covered in snow after throwing it all over for the perfect shot!

"Ever since I was 12, my sisters and I would dress up, go outside, and give each other photo shoots. Not going to lie, it was hilarious. I've always had a passion for photography, capturing moments of family, friends, even landscapes. When I could finally afford my own professional camera, I started to take photography more seriously. It's my happy place, a way to meet all sorts of people I most likely wouldn't meet if it wasn't for photography. It's my way of capturing God's wonder."

Fun to be around, the social media mogul of Moosejaw and Portraits of Detroit, and a genius on perspective! We bought juices just to get a stunning shot through their window...well and we like juice!

"I always had an interest in photography. It's so intriguing to me how much emotion you're able to capture through a lens. In addition, the people and network in the photography community are amazing. The Metro Detroit area alone has SO MUCH talent, and since beginning this journey I've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people and learning so much. I am so excited to grow in a creative and open community."

Nice as can be, gives wonderful direction, and great posing suggestions! We explored Detroit for hours with a huge group of Detroit photographers and bloggers, and have been friends ever since!

"My Aunt Theresa taught me everything that I needed to know, so I became her photography assistant on weddings. After shadowing her for a few years I started my own company. I love photography because I get to create art that no one else has created yet. I love telling stories with my work without any words being spoken from the artist. My work speaks for me. I love creating moments that will last a lifetime. Photography to me is my love. Wherever I go, I always have a camera in my hand because I don’t know where the next moment is going to happen. I try to capture everything that surrounds me."

Hilariously fun, a rebel willing to do anything or go anywhere to get that great shot! We met at a rooftop party for Verizon, and a few week's later snuck onto a restaurant's rooftop to shoot, and it made for a comical story! 

"What drives me to pursue portrait photography more than any other form of photography is the idea of meeting new people. Meeting new people you can learn about them, how they dress, what makes them laugh, what brings out a person that they never knew existed. I enjoy portrait photography the most, because I can not reciprocate the same image of my subject twice. I will never be able to get the exact same expression out of them more than once. This makes it more of a challenge that I'm happy to pursue."

Shawn, creator of RAWDetroit

Creative and artistic, with an interesting backstory in acting, and huge future in photography! After a fun filled shoot, he's kept us up on local events and invited us to join some great groups!

"Better known for my social alias, UkCameraGod. I am a self taught photographer with 4 years of extensive experience in custom and specialized photography! Photography for me is an art of observation, it has little to do with the things we see, but how we see them! I started photography due to my love for traveling and documenting my surroundings."

Bubbly and bright, and always up for an adventure! After traveling all over, dancing in sunflower fields, getting stung by bees, being extra in cafes, and having chunks of tire fly at our car, Sav has become one of my closet friends!

"A few years ago I met a very inspirational man in New York that said "Don’t chase your dreams... catch them." I’ve always thought it was important to find a career doing what I’m passionate about, and in high school I found that photography was what I want to “catch.” Every photoshoot is an adventure, it never gets old. Not only is it an art but I also get to meet amazing people along the way. Everybody should find somethingthat they are passionate about, and put their all into “catching” whatever that may be.”

My best friend and the best sister in the whole world, she's been taking my pictures since the very beginning! This year she has come leaps and bounds with her photography, becoming my favorite photographer and biggest supporter! 

"I love photography because it allows you to create memories by going out of your way to take images of events and places. So much fun can be had when you're behind the camera. You can roam the city streets, stalk wildlife, or even hike up a mountain for a stunning view. All sorts of things become interesting when you go on all those photographic adventures with your sister! I love sharing my passion for photography and adventure for everyone to see."

December 27, 2017

New Year New Goals! Hello 2018!

I don't think 2017 could have treated me any better! Here I thought last year was good, but this year was life changing! I think it's important to look back each year in order to realize how far you can come in that short amount of time. Sometimes it feels like a different life, and you feel like a new and improved person! Setting a handful of goals at the beginning of the New Year works as a great motivator to make those changes happen. I call them goals for a very simple reason.
Resolutions sounds harsh.
What's there to resolve??
So I'd like to reflect on things accomplished from 2017, and share my goals for 2018! 

*** Goals I'm proud of from 2017? ***

To have walked in fashion shows, and to not have fallen on my face ;) 

To have met some of the most amazing photographers, designers, stylists, bloggers, and business owners.

To have been in a few magazines!

To have traveled to beautiful Michigan destinations like the Upper Peninsula, Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Petoskey, Grand Ledge, and Turnip Rock. 

To have collaborated with names like Verizon, Bonefish Grill, Bruegger's, Degree Deodorant, Visit Detroit, Pure Michigan, and all others in between!

To have covered events like the North American International Auto Show, All Things Detroit, and to have met Lady Gaga!  

*** My goals for 2018? ***

To launch and cultivate a successful clothing line! 

To only give my time to the things that make me happy! I'm at a place in my life where peace is my priority and negativity cannot exist. 

To save money! I'm such a spender...

To grow stronger physically in order reach new goals with my climbing, kayaking, biking, hiking, etc. 

To reconnect with my spiritual side by doing more yoga, meditation, and reflection. It's become a bit cloudy with all the hustle and bustle!

To travel to new states. Gotta hit at least one every year to eventually reach all 50!

Top Outfit: Dress: Express, Tights & Scarf: Francesca's Collections, Boots: DSW
Bottom Outfit: Sweater: Nautica, Skirt: Charlotte Russe, Scarf: Michael Kors, Hat: Meijer, Tights & Boots: Francesca's Collections

December 16, 2017

Smitten With Mitten Crate!

Either the people at Mitten Crate are mind readers, or they just have really great taste.
Probably the latter, but you never know.
Why am I saying this? Oh, just because they sent me the most perfect box I could ever ask for. It didn't contain just one or two of my favorite things, but the entire box felt personally made for me. I'm quite the healthy snacker. I like dried fruits, nuts, nut butters, and the occasional sweet and salty treats. Low and behold, that's exactly what was in my box. Not only that, but each product was from my beloved Michigan made businesses. Here's what they sent me:
Yogurt Pretzels from Germack Pistachio Company
Hot Cocoa Stick from Mindo Chocolate Makers 
Cinnamon Apple Chips from Greenetown Foods
Smoked Cranberry Sauce from Gus & Grey
Cocoa Peanut Butter from Nakee Butter
I'd elaborate on how it all tasted, but the fact that it's already gone speaks for itself! Not only that, but each Mitten Crate purchased provides meals to 3 people through a donation to Gleaner's Food Bank. So start your own subscription today, or give the gift of monthly Michigan made goodness!  

Outfit: Top: Nautica, Jeans: Express, Socks: Jane & Bleecker, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Francesca's Collections, Earrings: BajewelKits

December 12, 2017

Detox Day Spa!

I've always been fascinated with health and wholeness. I'm sure everyone now knows my rigorous health routines. Eating organic, drinking plenty of water and green tea, using all natural personal products, staying active, etc. etc. etc. When Anthony, owner of the Detox Day Spa requested I give their services a try, I knew it would be the true testament of my efforts.
Boy, was I wrong.
Upon arrival, Anthony was very friendly and informative, giving me the backstory to his Spa venture. Having personally been diagnosed with HIV and cancer, Anthony began his own Holistic health approach to healing. After much research and trial, Anthony wanted to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with those around him, as well as doing what he could to help others in need of a healthy turnaround. Detox Day Spa opened just 2 months ago, and is unlike any other "spa" you've experienced. It's a complete self service spa, with options for many illnesses. 
First, I took a PH test to see where I stood. I came out at a 5.5. Folks, that is not good at all. To be considered well balanced, your PH should read 8.5.
I felt like I spent years studying for a test and completely bombed it. 
I tried out several foot massaging machines. Some advice? Give your feet a good massage, they will thank you! I then began the foot detox. I sat there staring at the brown and green water that began to form at my feet, and couldn't believe my eyes. Where had I gone wrong? Anthony answered that question very quickly. "Do you wear Secret deodorant", he asked? Why yes, yes I do. Being as sweaty as I am (sorry for the tmi, just being honest), I found natural deodorants didn't do the job. "You need to sweat", he said. "Not to mention, Secret deodorant (along with many others) contains Aluminum, known to be a cause of Breast Cancer." Next up was the HydroMassage bed, where I nearly fell asleep from pure bliss. Lastly, I entered the Infrared Sauna where I sweat my butt off at a whopping 157 degrees. I finished with a spoonful of 3 nutrient replacements, and downed 7 glasses of alkaline water.  
Leaving the spa, I felt like a clean slate. Like I was starting brand new, and had the tools and information to improve my lifestyle. I was refreshed, and very thankful to Anthony for sharing his amazing story, beautiful spa, and wonderful insight with me! Everyone should detox at least once to discover what they can improve! Visit Detox Day Spa for the wellness experience you've been looking for! 
I then immediately bought new deodorant ;)

Photography: Emily Joanne Photography 

December 4, 2017

Winter Menu At Bonefish Grill!

Being someone who lives in a state with 4 very distinct seasons, I've learned to love and embrace change. I used to want summer and fall forever, and wish that I could skip winter and spring. Now that I'm older, I can appreciate the new things that come with colder weather. The new array of food that appeals to me is always a welcomed change. That's why I love to visit a restaurant with a seasonal menu! Winter is the perfect time to gather for a warm family meal, and indulge in a sweet dessert. That's exactly why I took my family and Erik to try the new Winter Menu at Bonefish Grill. Here's a taste of what to expect:
Imperial Dip, made with tender shrimp, bay scallops, lump crab, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, served with house made tortilla chips. Chocolate Creme Brule, a chocolatey twist on a classic dessert made in-house with a splash of Grand Marnier, and Grilled Georges Bank Sea Scallops topped with bacon bourbon and crispy bacon bits.
If I'm braving that snow, you can bet it's for Bonefish ;)
 Give the gift of a great family meal by purchasing a Bonefish Grill gift card. Every $50 you purchase in gift cards gets you a $10 bonus card now through Dec. 31st. You can also get free shipping, gift card personalization, and a greeting card on their site ;) So go get in that holiday spirit and enjoy a seasonal meal at your local Bonefish Grill!

Pictures: Emily Joanne Photography and myself ;D