August 31, 2016

Style Shop At SheIn!

If I were to describe my style, I'd say it was classic, feminine, upscale, and refined. Of course it all depends on my mood, seeing as I sometimes leave the house looking like a rockstar in a leather jacket and studded boots. To me, that's the whole reason for fashion though! To portray what you're feeling, who you are, or what you're about without saying a word. For the most part, you can figure I'm as girly as you can get! When I was scrolling through the endless pages of items on SheIn, I instantly fell in love with this top. I felt that it perfectly emanated my personal style. The amazing thing I found about SheIn, is that their selection has a bit of everything to fit anyone's style! You want 90's grunge? They have it! How about some bohemian chic? It's there! Maybe you like an edgier punk? Totally available! Or maybe you're a classic girly girl like me ;D Whoever you are, or want you want to be, you can find perfect pieces to make that happen at It might take you a little time to make a decision, so I'd head over and start scrolling now ;) 
Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 
Top: SheIn (, Pants: White House Black Market, Pumps: BCBGeneration, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Charlotte Russe, Necklace: Avon (No joke, from like 10 years ago) 

August 28, 2016

Rainstorms And Rocksbox!

It's always a great idea to conduct a photoshoot right before a storm, right? Well that's exactly what we did. Standing at the edge of a dock, with lightning flashing in the distance is how I spend most Saturday afternoons ;) We got what we needed, and dashed to the car right as it started to downpour. The storm did make for a really interesting sky, and reflection off the water though. Of course I did it all for the sake of you lovely people ;D Really I had been dying to get a post up showing off my newest set of Rocksbox I received! This set contained a stunning Kendra Scott cuff, Perry Street statement necklace, and Glorjana ear climbers. The color and style of the Kendra cuff really inspired my whole look. I went with a fitted, high-neck sweater dress, that works as a perfect transition dress from summer to fall. It also had multiple tones of blues and greys that mirrored the different colors in the bracelet. With the pleated look from the dress, and cuff style of the bracelet, I really got a gladiator vibe. So obviously I finished it off with my gold gladiator sandals! I love how anything can be the inspiration for an outfit, and I've really enjoyed the ways Rocksbox jewelry has kicked my creativity into gear! Visit if you'd like to sign up for your very own set of individually curated pieces. Maybe it will be your inspiration to brave a storm, or just pick out a cute outfit ;)

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 
Jewels: Rocksbox brands, Dress: Francesca's Collections, Sandals: Marc Fisher 

August 24, 2016

Put In Bay Trip!

When we were kids, one of my favorite trips was when we went to Put In Bay. A two by four mile island in Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio, Put In Bay is where Oliver Perry sailed to defeat the British during the War of 1812. This American victory was known as the turning point in the war, and from it came the slogan, "Don't give up the ship." These days, instead of ships and cannons, the island is filled with sailboats, seafood, sundaes, restaurants, golf carts, and tiny shops. In order to get there, there are a few ferry options to the island. You can take your car, bike, or rent a golf cart once you arrive. Mom's always been a big golf cart fan, so there was no question as to our choice xD We drove around, enjoying the scenery, and passing other carters on the road with our surprisingly speedy cart! We walked in and out of every little shop on the main street, and found our fair share of nautical gifts and souvenirs. Of course this involved an ice cream stop at Dairy Isle, where I had one of the best vanilla malts of my life! Afterwards, we went up in the third largest monument in the United States, Perry's Monument. The 352 foot structure represents the lasting peace between the United States, Canada, and Britain. At the top, we basked in a beautiful view of the island, Lake Erie, and Ohio. We then ventured on to explore Perry's cave, a natural limestone cave 52 feet below the lake. Commodore Perry discovered this cave, and he and his men drank from its underground lake. Across the way is Heineman's Winery, and a crystal cave that we've toured in the past as well! At that point our tummy's were grumbling, so we ended our adventure with seafood dinner at The Boardwalk. Even years later, Put In Bay was still just as full of historic value, relaxing, and rejuvenating as I remembered! 

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 

August 19, 2016

Fresh Thyme Market Bloggers & Blues!

I love grocery shopping. Is that normal? I've heard my fair share of adults complain about having to hit the market. To me, it's always exciting to pick up my favorite products, and discover new ones! Plus I'm a pretty high maintenance shopper...shocker right? ;) I like the best of the best, and what that means is the healthiest! I'm one of those crazy people that craves my fruits, veggies, nuts, and anything good for me. On top of that, I find it important to eat organic, raw, or natural products that won't harm my body. So of course, when Fresh Thyme Farmers Market invited me to their Bloggers and Blues grand opening event in Farmington Hills, I was thrilled to check it out! Upon arrival, I received a personal tour of the store, a big basket of goodies, and then was sent to explore! First order of business was to gush over the bath and beauty section. It was absolutely filled to the brim with natural makeup, essential oils, incense, lotions, candles, conditioners, shampoos, and soaps to spoil any health nut! You see, it's as equally as important to use healthy beauty products, seeing as anything that comes in contact with your skin is absorbed into your blood stream within as little as 7 seconds. Just because you aren't eating it, doesn't mean it couldn't be harmful! Next were the endless supplements and homeopathic remedies, because sometimes we need that extra kick of vitamins or minerals to boost that system! Then followed the main event; the food. They had everything I could ever hope to grace the shelves of my pantry. Exotic cereal flavors, granola bars nuts, dried fruits, yogurt covered anything, you name it! Of course, their produce section was just as impressive! Any fruit or veggie to choose from, clearly labeled as regular or organic. And for those special occasions for me, they had a full cheese selection, meat counter, sushi section, and salad bar. And when I'm looking to finish off that meal with a sweet treat, there's also a huge variety of candy, ice cream and gelato, little cakes, pies, and pastries! Fresh Thyme Market is spacious, neat, organized, and stocked with only the best for you. Hit your local market, or visit the new location in Farmington Hills for some of the healthiest choices, and friendliest faces in town! All of which are sure to make you look forward to your next shopping trip!

*Thank you to Sally for the invite, Nicole for the tour, and Fresh Thyme Market of Farmington Hills for having Emily and I. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, our beautiful basket, and will be back to shop often!*

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 

August 17, 2016

Michigan Road Trip: Huron River Kayaking!

I love the feeling of connecting with nature. To me, it's important to get out, be wild, a little messy, and feel free. We decided to satisfy our nature crave, and organize a kayaking trip down the Huron River in Ann Arbor. We took a group of our friends and drove down to Argo's Canoe Livery. Here, we rented six personal kayaks and one double for my sister and Kara. The group scrambled to throw phones in sandwich baggies, grab life jackets, paddles, and hit the river! When first entering the tunnel to the river, we hit some smaller rapids. Then, as we went on, the rapids gradually got bigger until a huge wave crashed over me on the last one. It felt like one of those river boat amusement park rides! After that, the river was fairly calm, except for the occasional kayaker who stranded themselves in the shallows, or on a large rock xD Then came Alex or Kyle to the rescue, dragging the poor kayaker's boat to safety. We came to a colosseum looking building on the side of the river, and took a break to explore it and take some goofy pictures. Then, we continued our trip, laughing and joking, standing up in our kayaks like paddle boards, and taping the whole thing on GoPros. At one point, we reached a large bridge that the guys challenged themselves to climb across. So we all beached our kayaks, and took turns climbing the bridge. About an hour later, we hit a point in the river that was deep enough to swim. So we hopped in for a bit to cool down, and enjoy the refreshing feeling. Not long after that, we hit the last bridge before the end of the journey. A group before us had left their kayaks to the side, and climbed the bank to get to the bridge. They all stood nervously looking over the edge, as if they wanted to jump it. So of course, our guys got up there and showed them how it was done ;) Following that, the girls thought it looked fun and soon after joined. When we finally reached the pick-up destination, we arrived a little sunburnt, wild, messy, and feeling free. A successful trip indeed!

August 12, 2016

Michigan Road Trip: Greenfield Village!

With the rush of modern life, sometimes taking a step back in time is just what we need. Greenfield Village is the perfect place to do just that. A vast outdoor museum of over 80 acres, with 83 historic structures, all broken up into 7 historic districts. The first district we saw was Working Farms. With wagons, livestock, and fields of veggies, you can imagine how people of that time lived off the land. Emily insisted on making friends with all the farm animals, and attempted to chase down and pet a chicken. Let's just say she was unsuccessful, but at least the sheep were very cooperative with her ;) Next district we hit was Edison at Work, where we witnessed the birthplace of the lightbulb, and his countless other inventions. Next we visited Henry Ford's Model T district. Here, you can trace the life of Henry Ford from childhood to the founding of Ford Motor Company. We were able to tour his home, workshops, and the school he attended. You can even take a spin in his famous Model T car! Then came the Main Street District. Here, we enjoyed shopping the old General Stores, and viewing an old time post office, portrait studio, and church. Next stop was Porches and Parlors. Here, you can step into the homes and lives of the ordinary people who made a great impact on our country. We took a tour into the homes of Noah Webster, Robert Frost, and many more. In the Liberty Craftworks district, you are able to view skilled artisans working crafts like pottery, weaving, and glass blowing. Our last district was Railroad Junction, where you can view the different models of trains, the roundhouse where they are repaired, and even hop on one for a ride! Let's just say I love a good informative adventure. After all, as Henry Ford said, "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young."

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography