August 24, 2016

Put In Bay Trip!

When we were kids, one of my favorite trips was when we went to Put In Bay. A two by four mile island in Lake Erie off the coast of Ohio, Put In Bay is where Oliver Perry sailed to defeat the British during the War of 1812. This American victory was known as the turning point in the war, and from it came the slogan, "Don't give up the ship." These days, instead of ships and cannons, the island is filled with sailboats, seafood, sundaes, restaurants, golf carts, and tiny shops. In order to get there, there are a few ferry options to the island. You can take your car, bike, or rent a golf cart once you arrive. Mom's always been a big golf cart fan, so there was no question as to our choice xD We drove around, enjoying the scenery, and passing other carters on the road with our surprisingly speedy cart! We walked in and out of every little shop on the main street, and found our fair share of nautical gifts and souvenirs. Of course this involved an ice cream stop at Dairy Isle, where I had one of the best vanilla malts of my life! Afterwards, we went up in the third largest monument in the United States, Perry's Monument. The 352 foot structure represents the lasting peace between the United States, Canada, and Britain. At the top, we basked in a beautiful view of the island, Lake Erie, and Ohio. We then ventured on to explore Perry's cave, a natural limestone cave 52 feet below the lake. Commodore Perry discovered this cave, and he and his men drank from its underground lake. Across the way is Heineman's Winery, and a crystal cave that we've toured in the past as well! At that point our tummy's were grumbling, so we ended our adventure with seafood dinner at The Boardwalk. Even years later, Put In Bay was still just as full of historic value, relaxing, and rejuvenating as I remembered! 

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 

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