October 31, 2016

Athleisure With Rose Wholesale!

Beauty is pain, right? Well not necessarily with the way fashion is headed these days! I think everyone can agree that every day fashion is now all about comfort and practicality. Long gone are the days of constantly pulling down a micro skirt, or attempting to avoid suffocation in a tight corset. In this busy day and age it is better if something is comfortable, with little to no hassle in wearing it. It's a huge plus if something can be worn in multiple ways, in order to get more use for your money. With these desires sprang the concept of athleisure. If you aren't aware of this trend, "Athleisure refers to casual clothing - like yoga pants, sweat pants, and hoodies - that are designed to be worn both for exercising and for doing (almost) everything else." Now I'm not one to go as far as sweat pants or hoodies, but I do like to pull off sporty in a very BeDazzled Britt way ;) My favorite way is to pair leggings, jeans, or soft tunic tops with some nicer shoes, jackets, or jewelry. This way, I can take something I can wear on a nice stroll through the park straight to a day out on town. I've found some of the cutest comfort clothes in soft, moveable fabrics at great prices from Rose Wholesale. They even carry hoodies, sweats, and yoga pants for those who want to fully embrace the beauty of a leisurely look! 

Top Outfit: Top: Rose Wholesale (Purchase Here), Leggings: Express, Boots: Franco Sarto, Watch: Michael Kors, Jewelry: Francesca's Collections
Middle Outfit: Top: Rose Wholesale (Purchase Here), Leggings: Express, Boots: Franco Sarto, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Francesca's Collections, Earrings: Honestly can't remember... 
Bottom Outfit: Top: Rose Wholesale (Purchase Here), Jeans: Express, Boots: Franco Sarto, Jacket: Bebe, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Rachel Marie Designs, Earrings: Bebe   

October 26, 2016

The Mercantile Detroit!

I've always been a lover of craft shows, art fairs, and flea markets. My family and I used to take a trip down to the markets at Shipshewana, Indiana every summer to stroll down their endless isles finding hidden treasures. To me, that's what those shows are full of: treasure. The people who partake in these types of shows are those with imagination to admire, creativity that defies the box, and persistence beyond comprehension. The products that they sell are crafted with love and dedication, and are innovative and different. The companies that they have built, are built with passion, and have a meaningful story behind them. Pure gold, pure treasure. When I was invited to The Mercantile, I couldn't wait to attend! For the first time, The Mercantile brought it's touring retail market event to Detroit. The aim of this event, is to blend commerce, cause, and community. Created by former metro Detroiter Matthew Ford, The Mercantile takes a different approach to typical shopping by bringing together local and national cause-based retail brands in one place. Along with live entertainment, food, and beverages, it makes for a great evening out! Not to mention the beautiful atmosphere with lights strung from the ceiling, and custom-made maple wood and copper vendor booths by former HGTV lifestyle personality, Emily Henderson. I very much enjoyed indulging in music by Nashville-based pop funk/soul band The Shadowboxers, food from the vendors of Dine Drink Detroit, and shopping and chatting with the wonderful owners of the brands involved! I spoke with Rebel Nell, a company that turns scrap pieces of layered graffiti from Detroit into beautiful works of wearable art and jewelry. They employ disadvantaged women in Detroit, and educate and empower them towards a successful life. I also talked with Original Stix, a made in Detroit company that works directly with the NHL and NCAA to recycle old hockey sticks into protective phone cases. I ended up purchasing a top from Breathe in Detroit, perfect for future ventures in rock climbing and yoga. It features their logo, designed after the Om symbol, the sacred mantra for personal transformation. The company chose this symbol, because, "Like Om, Detroit is not just a word or a place. It's a feeling and a source of original sound. From one breath, one sound, one city, each person, comes all power and all creation." Here's to many more events like these to remind us how powerful our city really is. 

October 21, 2016

DGG's Fashion Speak 2016!

To “Keep Michigan Talent in Michigan” is what the Detroit Garment Group’s mission is. Fashion Speak, Michigan’s only conference for the fashion industry aims to provide education, resources, and inspiration. Five nationally recognized fashion experts each conduct a 70 minute workshop that does just that. The crowd consists of fashion designers, stylists, bloggers, photographers, business owners, and students ready to learn. The event is held annually at the beautiful One Woodward, with scenic views of the riverfront and downtown Detroit. Continental breakfast and lunch is served, and breaks are provided for the attendees to mix and mingle with each other, and the experts. First up, was Tradeshow 101, presented by Lauren Kirsch Weiss, buyer at Freeds of Windsor. Lauren gave a listing of each tradeshow that anyone in fashion should either attend, sell, or buy from. She gave insight into making great connections with buyers by saying, "You need more than a name and number", and that it's "so important to really be personable." She also stressed to "no matter what, give them paper of some form", and to tell them "why you're special, and why they want you." Next up, was Determine and Develop Your Best Product, presented by Amy Dietrich, with 20 years of experience as a designer and product developer of women's apparel in NYC. She was very inspiring, by saying things like, "Whatever you're meant to do, you're going to find a way to do it", and "Start with what you do best, then add on." Then was How To Elevate Your Brand, presented by Karen MacDonald, Public Relations Expert. Karen suggested to "mention your product name at least 2 to 3 times" when being interviewed. She also felt you should "satisfy and steer when given difficult questions." The fourth presentation was Get Your Foot In the Door: Developing Relationships with Larger Companies, presented by Annette Repasch, Group Vice President, Softlines of Meijer. She said when selling to companies "be confident, optimistic, and you gotta be resilient." I personally loved her statement that fashion is now "a lifestyle, there is no age." The keynote speaker was Jeffry Aronsson, former CEO of Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, and interim CEO of Emanuel Ungaro and Ralph Rucci. Jeffry told the eager crowd that "your passion makes up everything", and "repetition is what makes reputation." When asked what helped him with his success he said, "Don't ever underestimate the importance of good luck." He met Oscar de la Renta by a circumstance of pure luck, and "found a soul mate in a friend and business partner." This is why I love Fashion Speak. You are reminded that you are not the only one with a dream, the Michigan fashion industry is on the rise, and that anything can happen!

October 16, 2016

Costume Shop At SheIn!

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I tend to get too caught up in the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years to take time to really enjoy them! With Halloween, comes all the tricks and treats I love. Fall colors, hayrides, cider mills, haunted houses, pumpkins, cider, donuts, and the perfect excuse to dress up! Being in fashion, it's always fun to come up with a stylishly spooky costume! With DIY being the hot trend, making your own costume, or pulling together unique pieces is how it's done these days. This way, your options are endless and you're not limited to what's sold at the local costume shop! Online is the best place to look for those special touches to your look. This year, I took a look at SheIn for inspiration. That's where I found this mystical shirt that inspired me to create a bohemian witch costume. On SheIn, you can find a huge selection to inspire a look of your own. It's also quick, easy, and affordable. No tricks, just treats ;D

Top: SheIn (Purchase Here), Jeans: Express, Boots: Franco Sarto, Belt: Target, Hat: Target, Necklace: Zaful, Earrings: Francesca's Collections, Rings: Francesca's Collections 

October 12, 2016

The Styling Closet At Gucci!

On Sunday, I was presented the opportunity to attend a private party celebrating the anniversary of a local star's business. It was held at the Gucci of Somerset by Latrice, creator of The Styling Closet. As quoted from her website, "Launched in 2010, by Latrice Delgado-Macon, The Styling Closet is the go-to destination for chic, contemporary fashion, and fabulous blogs. The brand evokes a mindset - an attitude, not an age. It's a true original, always defining fashion's next stride forward. Designed for the confident, sexy, modern woman, The Styling Closet is a international label that embodies a sensual, sophisticated lifestyle. The Styling Closet seeks to create an upscale, visually stimulating boutique environment while providing top-notch service to ensure an exceptional shopping experience. Stylists are knowledgeable, passionate about fashion and skilled at addressing clients' styling needs." After personally giving this introduction of herself and her business, the manager of Gucci Somerset then followed suit. She stated that Gucci is currently the number one most shared brand on social media. This made the location of the event quite fitting, seeing as The Styling Closet has a huge social presence. She can be seen attending or hosting some of the hottest events in the Detroit and beyond fashion scene. The evening then consisted of connecting with bloggers, business owners, stylists, hair and makeup artists, and those who just love fashion. Champagne and horderves were served, and business cards and contacts were exchanged while admiring some of the latest designs from Gucci's line. Towards the end of the night, I was introduced to Latrice, who sweetly said that she loved my modeling work, and posed for some pictures. It was such a pleasure to meet a fellow fashionista with such passion to pursue her dreams. Thank you for a wonderful time, Latrice! Here's to many more years of success and style for The Styling Closet! 

Dress: White House Black Market, Cardigan: Banana Republic, Pumps: BCBGeneration, Bag: Calvin Klein, Watch: Michael Kors, Jewelry: Francesca's Collections 

October 8, 2016

Make A Statement With Rowme!

I'm a firm believer in the power of a statement piece. That one thing in your wardrobe that you go to time and time again that you know will turn a head or two. I know we're all guilty of owning something you pull out when you're fishing for a compliment ;) A statement piece can be anything from your gaudy Audrey Hepburn pearl necklace, to your neon Valentino rockstud heels. For years, mine has been my NY&C hot pink trench with big black buttons. Occasionally I'll go as far as to pair it with my matching pink rain boots. That's when the compliments really fly ;D Since it's been a few years, I felt I needed a new eye-catching coat to mix up my look! That's when I discovered this beautiful red coat on Romwe! Being it's lightweight, it's perfect for the warm fall transition season. Sleek, simple, and vibrant, this coat can be worn in so many ways. You can wear it with skinny jeans, a simple long sleeve top, and some eye catching jewelry. Or maybe wear it with a chunky sweater, leggings, and boots. Since I'm a dressy gal, I chose to pair it with a little black dress, and some heels. After all, if I'm going to make a statement, then I'd better do it right ;) 

Jacket: Romwe (Purchase Here), Dress: Express, Pumps: Express, Necklace: Francesca's Collections, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet & Earrings: "Borrowed" from Mom

October 3, 2016

Climbing in Kentucky!

When you're 200 feet above ground, you gain a new perspective. Not just in view, but in mind, body, and soul. You realize you can mentally and physically accomplish more than you ever thought possible. You feel a deep appreciation for the vast natural beauty this world has to offer. That's how I felt on the top of this mountain. I never imagined myself to try mountain climbing, but there I was in the middle of Slade, Kentucky, exploring the Red River Gorge. I went down with Erik and his friend's Brad and Marcus, and met Kyle at Miguel's Campsite. Famous for climbers, professional and amateur, from all around the world to stay and camp. With it being the weekend before Rocktoberfest, the campground was packed by the end of Saturday with 500 tents. Who wouldn't want to camp there, with a restaurant serving Miguel's legendary pizza, a gear shop, showers and restrooms, a basketball court, a giant pavilion to gather, and endless land to set up a tent, it felt like luxury camping. Not to mention the crazy parties that Miguel hosts at his house in the mountains, with live bands and endless drinks and pizza. My previous camping experiences involved showering in the lake, and making grilled cheese over the fire! Maybe that's why everyone was so pleasant ;D The climbing community is a friendly, supportive, and relaxed group, that at the same time can be very intense and instinctive when it comes to survival. Everyone there is concerned about the safety of those around them. If gear is missing, you can bet a perfect stranger will be kind enough to lend you theirs. The goal is that everyone makes it up the mountain, no matter how old you are, where you come from, or what language you speak. We hiked, explored, and climbed several different areas in the Gorge. Each climb has a rating, with 5.0 being the easiest and 5.15 being the hardest. I range between 5.6 to 5.8 in difficulty, where as the guys ranged from 5.9 to 5.12. Each climb also has its own name, like Bedtime for Bonzo, Chocolate Factory, and Sunnyside. In order to get to your climb, you drive to a site, walk to the wooded path, and hike for miles. Sometimes it was literally a walk in the woods, and sometimes it was a 90° angle hike of pure terror. But after the blood, sweat, and tears, the feeling of bliss at the top is worth it all. The last day was when I reached that 200 foot feeling. It involved us doing the hike of terror, a 1st pitch climb to a cave, then a 2nd pitch climb, or 2nd scramble (a freakishly difficult hike, where you "scramble" up) to a 200 foot view. From that point, you have to make it down eventually right? So what you do is repel back down the side of the mountain from a rope. With only having one solo repel experience from the previous day, Erik set it up so that we both could repel down the side together. Thank goodness for him being in charge, because my eyes were glued shut the whole way down! Although I was frustrated at times, and came home with cuts, scrapes, and bruises, it was one of the best experiences of my life. I've never felt more connected to nature, more driven to pursue more adventures, more gratitude for the kindness of others, or more in tune with myself. After all, "It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves."