April 18, 2019

Mercantile Fairs!

I grew up as a craft show kid. 
Meaning I was the kid that hid in boxes under the display tables, munching on snacks from the cafeteria and causing mayhem with the pricing gun. Traveling from show to show with my parents was one of my fondest memories growing up. 
My parents were talented artists, who created (and still do) beautiful handcrafted goods. My dad did the woodwork, my mom painted, glued, and sewed, and I got to put stickers on everything, including myself.
I grew up with an appreciation of artists and the hard work that went into their creations. They spent hours crafting goods with love and passion, and connecting with each customer that shopped their booth. I like to think witnessing that played a big part in me becoming the artist and designer I am today. 
When I was asked to attend the Mercantile Fairs Handcrafter's Spring Fling Handmade Market, I was eager to attend and relive my childhood craft show days. 
Well, minus hiding under tables that is...
This year was the 40th anniversary of the Handcrafter's.
Handcrafter's is in the heart of the maker movement. They revel in all that the handmade industry encompasses. They love the hustle, grit, and drive that their makers bring to the table.
This was very clearly shown in their immense amount of quality vendors and their enormous turnout!
We shopped every single booth, tasting, smelling, and touching some of the highest quality handmade goods we have ever encountered. We talked with the artisans, and could feel the passion behind their products. We left with goodies from Green Bubble Gorgeous, Vessel Studio Glass, Juicy Pet, Charming Individuals, Nana's & Papa's Chocolates, Natural Red, Clover Stones, The Sassy Olive, Simple Times Mixers, SilverWear By Misty, and Bee Lovely Botanicals. We also taste tested the delicious drinks from Fireside Coffee Co and St. Steve's Cordials & Sodas.
If you haven't been to one of the Mercantile Fair markets, we urge you to check out some of their upcoming events!
Returning for its fourth season, Shed 5 Flea features the best in architectural salvage, vintage wares, crafted goods, and more held at Shed 5 of Detroit's Eastern Market.
June 9th
July 14th
August 11th
Making its first debut, Detroit Foodie Fair will showcase flavors from Detroit's best food makers, purveyors, and artisans at Shed 5 of Detroit's Eastern Market. 
September 15th
All events are held in rain or shine with free admission for all! 
We hope to see you there!

March 29, 2019

Fox Hills Golf and Banquet!

Emily and I had the pleasure of attending Sunday brunch at Fox Hills Golf & Banquet in Plymouth. Their brunch ranges from breakfast to lunch to dessert, so you can satisfy the savory and the sweet tooth all in one sitting! Some of our brunch favorites from their menu were the made to order omelettes, eggs benedict, grilled veggies, and smoked salmon. For dessert? We obsessed over the cheesecake, blueberry bread pudding, vanilla mousse, and apple cobbler topped with ice cream from their ice cream bar!
Their Sunday brunch was voted as one of Metro Detroit's top ten brunches, and it's easy to see why! The menu is much more immense than you could ever imagine, and not only is the food phenomenal, but it's open to the public! That's right, there's no such thing as members. Anyone is able to enjoy their beautiful brunches, or schedule a scenic golf outing at their breathtaking estate.
Fox Hills has 63 holes of golf sprawling over a gorgeous 500 acres of natural, rolling hills. They have 3 golf courses and 2 unique clubhouses to chose from: The Golden Fox, Fox Classic, and Strategic Fox. The Golden Fox is their newly renovated clubhouse with a large outdoor deck overlooking the golf course. Fox Classic is their rustic cabin in the woods themed clubhouse, complete with a roaring fireplace. Strategic Fox is their quick and fun course great for beginners or as a short-game challenge for experienced players.
Not a golfer? Fox Hills is the perfect place to host your corporate event, family gathering, or even get married. They've hosted everything from birthdays, to anniversaries, to showers. They can accommodate any size group at any time of the year. They are recognized as one of the top public golf courses and wedding destinations in Michigan.
We're personally inviting you to their Mix & Mingle event on Wednesday April 3rd from 4:30-7:30pm. Learn about hosting golf outings, tips on weddings, become a pro at planning meetings, and much more! Enjoy an evening of appetizers, cocktails, music, and prizes. They'll even shuttle you around the property for a private tour in a limo bus! We highly suggest hopping on! RSVP today, and see for yourself why they are at the top of their game ;)

March 21, 2019

Mantra Vie Athletic Wear!

Years ago, the word "fitness" used to make me cringe. Heck, going through school my mom's biggest complaint about me was not my grades, but the fact that I always "forgot" my gym shoes at home and she had to run them to the school on a weekly basis. Looking back I'm not sure if I just simply forgot, or if I did it intentionally because I hated gym class so much and wanted an excuse to sit it out! One of the most hilarious stories that my parents like to tell is that when they went to parent-teacher conferences all my gym teacher could say was that "I was a sweet kid." In high school I did tennis and marching band (yes, it is a sport, don't argue this with a band kid), but never would I have imagined myself doing what I'm doing now!
Rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, biking, running, yoga, etc. If someone told me I would be doing all this now AND loving it, I would have laughed! I used to look at people who ran and question their sanity! Now one of my favorite things to do is crank up some tunes and run for a couple of miles! Not only is working out a great mood booster, but for that time there is nothing on my mind but the mantra of "enjoying the present moment". Usually my mind is running (haha) about a million miles an hour with all the things I need to get done. Having those moments of complete awareness and clarity without all the chatter, is absolute bliss. 
When I was introduced to the store, Mantra Vie, I instantly fell in love with their athletic wear. Normally athletic wear gets a bad rep with just being practical and not having any style or aesthetic. That is not the case with Mantra Vie. Their workout gear is comfortable, practical, designed to give you a great workout, AND it is stylish enough to take you from studio-to-street! Just like a mantra, their high quality workout wear is a magnificent motivator to get out and get active!
The goal of Mantra Vie, was "to create a community of strong, like-minded individuals that can inspire each other to make the most out of each and every day." It was founded by Christina, a busy mother of three who wanted a store that was considered a one-stop wardrobe shop. She sought out the most comfortable, trendy, and functional pieces for men and women. Mantra Vie is more than just a store, but an open and inviting atmosphere where you can stay, relax, and enjoy the shopping experience!

So go live the mantra life with Mantra Vie!

OR shop their website!