October 17, 2017

Celebrate With Bonefish Grill!

Sorry guys, but after my last experience at Bonefish Grill I just had to go back! Especially with the awesome new feature they have going on right now. Bonefish Grill is celebrating special moments with new e-gift cards that allow you to send a Signature Drink, Bar Bite, or Bang Bang Shrimp through text or email directly to a friend or family member’s phone. It only takes 4 steps! 1. Choose the value/item you want to send. 2. Choose an interactive “drinkable” martini or sentiment. 3. Write a personal message and preview your text/email. 4. Go to your cart to check out and send! It's that easy. I chose to gift an order of Bang Bang Shrimp to my lovely sister, Emily. 
That way she got some Bang for her buck ;)
So we asked Erik to join and made another dinner date of it! Emily was kind enough to share some shrimp with me. Not going to lie, I probably ate more than my share. In my defense, it was probably the best thing I've had off their menu so far! So share the love through e-gift cards and the absolutely delicious options Bonefish has to offer! 

Thank you for another wonderful dining experience Bonefish Grill of Troy!

October 3, 2017

DoubleTree Detroit!

You guys remember my experience covering the North American International Auto Show right? And the backstage tour I took before the opening of the new Little Ceasers Arena? Well the same group that set those up was back at it again with an amazing time this past week! Being my 3rd event with TravelingMom, I can honestly say that each time they have delivered an even more wonderful experience. This time at DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Detroit for a personal tour of the hotel, brunch, giveaways, brunch, and some seriously motivational guest speakers! 
Did I forget to mention brunch?
But that brunch though <3
Originally known as Fort Shelby, the DoubleTree Detroit just celebrated 100 years this summer. The hotel opened way back in 1917, and sadly closed in 1972. After being closed for many years, the hotel was renovated, and reopened in 2008. Being one of the 3 premier hotels back in the day, it was important it be restored to its original grandeur. Except now it has some modern perks. Can you say fastest Wi-Fi in Detroit? Then there's the absolutely stunning dining area. Oh, and the state of the art workout room. Not to mention it's only 4 blocks from Campus Martius. It also has 203 of the largest and most luxurious suites you've ever seen. 
You could have one heck of a slumber party there.
Pillow fight, anyone?
Thank you to TravelingMom for a great time, DoubleTree Detroit for hosting, and famous YouTuber, Daym Drops, for being the most hilarious speaker I've ever had the pleasure of meeting! 

Photos: Me on my phone. No judging.

September 26, 2017

Have Some LipSense!

I'm kind of a big skeptic when it comes to beauty products. I've tried a million different products that have promised me a million different things. Do I always get the results that they say I will? Nah. Not at all.
I have a reputation for being gullible.
Oh come on, I'm sure some of you have ordered a so-called "miracle cream" or two. If not, then lucky you for not learning your lesson the hard way :P I learned mine the expensive way, and since then have been a tough one to crack.
Until I did it again.
I've been stalking LipSense for awhile now. I read that it's supposedly "kissproof, smudgeproof, and waterproof." SURE. It followed by saying it was "Vegan and does not test on animals." Wonderful! It then ended with this statement: "GMO, wax, gluten, and led free." I had to do a double take after that one.
So it's perfect is what you're saying?
So after some minimal convincing, I ordered a Fly-Girl red shade from the lovely Aletha of 4GBeautyBar. She's now my main girl. Let's just say I'm in love. Yes, LipSense truly is everything that it claims it is. So if you'd like lipstick that all dreams are made of, then Aletha can be your girl too ;)


Outfit: Top: Marshalls, Shirt: JC Penny, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Earrings: Francesca's Collections