January 20, 2019

Detroit Auto Show Press Preview With GGTC!

Earlier this week, Emily and I attended our 3rd North American International Auto Show Press Preview with A Girl’s Guide To Cars. Every year the Detroit Auto Show is an educational experience that sparks our thirst for auto innovation, design, and more. So, without further ado, we present the 2nd Annual Bedazzled Britt Auto Show Awards for the very best of the best of the following categories: Most Stylish Car, Coolest Activity, Best ShowroomBest Car For Us, & Best Reveal.
Most Stylish Car goes to the Lincoln Navigator Black Label. Lincoln dedicated an entire room of their showroom to display the Navigator with interactive screens to find your perfect Black Label fit. You were shown an array of images, and instructed to choose 4 images that best described your style. It would then give you the car and theme that best fit you, and from there you could customize your car to your liking, and hear the background on the design that went into it. I was matched to the Navigator with a Yacht Club Theme, inspired by the watercraft with cool sea-blue leathers and sun-bleached woods. We found the Navigator to be classic, stylish, and sleek!
Coolest Activity goes to the Ford. With the introduction of the new Ford Explorer, Ford turned the back end of their showroom into a driving track with a new twist. They introduced the first-ever completely immersive virtual reality driving experience. Guests were able to climb into the new Explorer, put on a pair of VR goggles, and take off on a 360 ride. As the car took off, we started in virtual city streets, and as we looked around, we could view starry skies above us, people walking in front of us, and buildings surrounding us. We were then taken through desserts, past waterfalls, and ended by descending a snowy mountainside. We found the Explorer to be bigger, wider, and impressively able to tow up to 5,000 lbs.!
Best Showroom goes to Kia. Along with the reveal of their new Kia Telluride, aptly named after Telluride, Colorado, Kia created an all-natural driving terrain. With live trees, plants, boulders, stones, soil, and a roaring waterfall being screened on the back wall, you truly felt you were surrounded by Colorado’s mountains. To prove the Telluride was capable in all driving conditions, attendees were able to jump in a Telluride and take a ride around the rough terrain, and up and down the steep track. After taking a ride ourselves, we found the Telluride to be big, bold, boxy, and highly capable!

Best Car For Emily goes to the Hyundai Kona. She loved its size, style, all-wheel drive, sunroof, seat warmers, steering wheel controls, touch screen display, and wireless device charging! Best Car For Me goes to the Subaru Forester for the 2nd year in a row. I love its size, sleek design, brown leather interior, all-wheel drive, sunroof, 33 MPG highway, spacious seating, and immense cargo space!

Best Reveal goes to the announcement of the 2020 North American International Auto Show being held June 9th-20th. It will take place right after the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle, and right before the Ford fireworks. When the Detroit Auto Show debuts in June 2020, it will be held all over downtown: Cobo Center, Hart Plaza, Campus Martius, and more. With the beautiful summer weather, the goal is to create a destination to enjoy for the whole day, with food trucks and live entertainment. With static and moving displays, you will be able to take a ride in an autonomous vehicle, the new Ram 1500, and more!
Thank you, A Girl’s Guide To Cars for helping us to be well-informed women in the auto industry. We love previewing the Auto Show together, and being a part of the team! We look forward to experiencing the new perspectives that NAIAS 2020 will bring!

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Photos: Emily Joanne Photography & Myself

January 1, 2019

Ringing In The New Year With Ayllu!

Forget the fact that Christmas is over, we’re carrying the festive feelings into the New Year with Ayllu jewels. At Ayllu, they believe in dreaming of a better, happier, and stronger future, and we couldn’t agree more.
Bring it on 2019, we’re ready for you!
We love Ayllu, because they stand for something that we truly stand for.
Not only are we real life sisters, but we are best friends, and business partners. We live together, spend our free time together, AND work together. You’d think that we’d be sick of one another, right?
We have similar dreams and desires, likes and dislikes, and most of the time we order the same thing when we go out to eat. Then we look at each other like, “You copying me??” We’re basically the same person at times. Then at other times, we’re the total opposite.
One thing we absolutely have in common?
We love being matchy matchy. Like twinning, only we’re not twins! When we discovered that Ayllu had matching sets of jewels that represented Love, Luck, and Unity, we were all about it!
Now we have matching earrings, necklaces, and rings to remind us that we share a sisterly Love beyond most, we are Lucky to have one another, and we are always United, whether we are near or far from each other.
Thank you Ayllu for the beautiful reminders to bring us into a bright New Year together!

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography & Myself 

December 21, 2018

The Mazda6 Signature!

Family makes everything more fun, so Emily, Mom, Dad, and I decided to take a festive family trip to Frankenmuth! We needed a vehicle to fit the four of us for our trip. With a spacious trunk, comfortable sport seats, heated front AND rear seats, a luxurious interior, and superb safety features, the Mazda6 Signature made the most sense for our family road trip!
We hit the road for a holiday shopping spree with the new Mazda6 Signature. We braved the Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland madness and filled up our “sleigh” with presents for days. With plenty of room for packages, we bought enough presents to compete with Santa himself!
We rode in comfort with the Mazda’s Nappa leather trimmed sport seats. They were so comfortable that Mom dozed off on the way home from a long day. Everyone admired the stunning interior. The black and cream contrasting leather made us feel like we were living in the lap of luxury. Not only that, but with the blistering cold having heated front and rear seats made for a toasty ride for everyone!
With added features like an 8” color touch screen display, and a 360-degree view monitor that displayed everything on all 4 sides as well as top down, we safely navigated our way through a bustling Bronner’s parking lot! As we left, we hit a patch of snow, and the rain sensing windshield wipers automatically cleared the way!
Keep Mazda in mind when shopping for your next family friendly vehicle, especially if your family loves a good road trip as much as ours does!

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography & Myself