April 28, 2016

Styleshack's Style Chops!

On Sunday I was selected to compete in a styling competition against 4 of Detroit's top style bloggers. I told you I had a busy weekend! The event was organized by Styleshack, and hosted at Guys N Gals in West Bloomfield. Upon arrival, we were given time to browse, chat, and shop the store. Not going to lie, I was totally preparing outfits in my mind, and trying to guess what the categories would be! I'm sure I wasn't the only one ;) My fellow competition was Grace from colorandgrace.com, Chelsie from chitchatchelsie.wordpress.com, Jennifer from spoonfulofflair.com, and Morgan from notyouraveragequeenblog.wordpress.com. Once everyone arrived, we were each given two mannequins to style. We were told that we would have 20 minutes to style both mannequins in cohesive looks based on the category we were given. Then, customers and hosts alike would rate each of our looks from 1 being the worst, to 10 being the best. The blogger with the highest score would be the Style Chops champ! The first category was announced as Boho Chic, and each blogger scrambled to grab their outfits. I chose a blue and white paisley blouse, jean skirt, tie-dyed denim button down, and oversized bag for my main look, and a matching paisley dress, linear necklace, and rainbow bag for my side look. To me, boho is all about that 70's style of feeling young, free, and lively in bold patterns, bright colors, fun fabics, lots of natural jewels, and layering. The second category was Date Night Glam. I went with a little black dress, glittering clutch, and diamond jewelry for my first look, and a black ruffled blouse, gold necklace, and a red, pink, and black striped bandage skirt for my second look. In my opinion, date nights are for feeling feminine, sexy, and refined in classic colors and cuts, fitted silouttes, shiny clutches, and expensive-looking jewels. The final category was Sporty Chic! I selected a Detroit tee, ripped skinny jeans, black leather jacket, and leather bag for my large look, and a casual black dress, beaded necklace, and a leather crossbody for my small look. When I think of sporty chic, I think comfortable, casual, and just a bit edgy with Converse, caps, leggings or detailed jeans, and graphic tees representing your favorite bands, sports teams, brands, or cities ;* We then waited for the votes to be tallied, and the winner announced! Chelsie of chitchatchelsie.wordpress.com was named as the Style Chops champ! Although I was not the winner, I still had a fabulous time and got some great styling practice in! Participants were also given their own choker necklace as a consolation prize that I absolutely love! Thank you to Styleshack for having me, Guys N Gals for hosting, and thank you to my family and Stylish Dreams Group for coming to support me! 

April 25, 2016

Darakjian and Dolce Moda!

Wow! So first off, this weekend was absolutely incredible. Let me start with Saturday's event. I attended the Meet Me In The Street strolling fashion/jewelry show in downtown Birmingham. Darakjian Jewelers and Dolce Moda teamed up to transform Birmingham into a live streetside catwalk. The show featured new spring jewelry lines by the Italian design house, Rebecca, and contemporary men's fashions. Hair and makeup was beautifully done by 6 Salon, and event proceeds were to benefit the Detroit Garment Group. The entire collaboration was a match made in heaven. Male and female models walked arm in arm in a parade. The men carried white swag bags from Dolce Moda, and the women held purple bags from Darakjian. Each bag had a chance to win Rebecca jewelry from Darakjian, or Dolce Moda menswear. Any passerby that interacted with the models was then handed a bag, and told to go to the cooresponding store to discover if they were a winner. Unfortunately, no one from our SDG team was a winner, but my bag did contain some spring lookbooks, hair products, and biodegradable, non-toxic (which you know I had to mention ;D), jewelry cleaner! I spent most of my time inside Darakjian, where customers and models lounged drinking mamosas and choosing from a large selection of fruit, cheese, and crackers. Armen Darkajian was a wonderfully funny, witty, and lively man who spent time chatting with us, and treating us like his guests at a magnificent party. He even brought out a 17 karat diamond for us to "Ooh" and "Ahh" over its brilliant sparkle. Every member of the Darakjian team was an absolute pleasure to talk to, and invited us to try on any glittering piece of our choice. Our model, Kathryn, ended up walking out with a stunning gold piece from the Rebecca collection! It was a gorgeous day to stroll, shop, chat, and snap pictures at a perfectly done fashion event! 

April 21, 2016

Happy Anniversary BeDazzledBritt!

Today marks the one year anniversary of BeDazzledBritt! Happy Birthday, baby blog! If there were ever an excuse to get a batch of cupcakes and chow down, this would be it ;) In celebration, I did a photoshoot with the talented Mixed City Photography, set up by the wonderful Stylish Dreams Group! I also thought that I would reflect back on my blogging journey over the past year, and some things I learned! First, I learned that unfortunately it takes a minute to get the perfect picture before you can enjoy your french toast. Second, I learned that you should probably charge your phone before attending a fashion show. Third, I learned that I sadly can actually come up with 30 Instagram hashtags xD Now on to a more serious note! I began this blog thinking that blogging would be a piece of cake, but I never realized the dedication that it would involve! I thought that I would have all the time in the world for it. It started out small, just about a post or two a month, and has now grown to 4-5 posts a month. I had no knowledge of where or how to get followers, so I examined data and attended conferences. I learned prime posting times and days with the highest traffic, and how to utilize all social media platforms. I now have gained over 2k Instagram followers, and thousands of blog readers. So thank you to all of you for the wonderful support <3 I was clueless as to how a blogger made their money, or recieved fancy packaged presents! So I worked on the quality of my product photography and reviews, and gained the title of Affiliate Blogger to several companies. I had no idea who or what was going on in fashion in my area, all I knew was that I needed to be a part of it! So I did hours and hours of research, emailing, and scouting social media for local fashion events to cover. I now have met some incredible people in the business, and have had the opportunity to attend so many events! I was fortunate enough to attend FashionSpeak, WALK Fashion Show, Michigan Fashion Summit's VIP Media and Press Reception, Michigan Fashion Summit, and much more. Blogging is a serious business. One that requires time, dedication, extensive knowledge and research, and above all, passion. My goal for this year? To continue to live the true life of a blogger, and accomplish even more over the course of year two. I want to make it a full time profession! It might not come easy, but it will be worth it. So, "Happy Birthday dear BeDazzledBritt, Happy Birthday to you!... And many moreeeeee" ;)

April 18, 2016

Michigan Fashion Summit!

Saturday was the highly anticipated Michigan Fashion Summit, at the College of Creative Studies Detroit campus! It was the perfect venue, providing plenty of space and a view of the city. The main room was filled with tables and chairs, snacks and drinks, and vendor tables. My close friend, Allison, of vegan beauty brand Glambitious (glambitio.us), had a stunning table set up for her business. This momentus event was put together by the lovely Founder & CEO Lauren Hicks, Head of PR Tiffany Sims, and Head of Communications Megan Kennedy. The Summit was a conference with a series of interactive workshops in beauty/makeup, styling, modeling, designing, blogging, and business. Here, every member of the fashion community showed up to find their faith in Detroit fashion, and spark inspiration in their craft! There were 15 speakers, including stylist Courtney Miarka of Closet Fashion Fix and The Styled Life, and season 13 of Project Runway contestant, Char Glover. Attendees were treated to speeches from keynote speakers, a fashion show, and the choice of building their own custom class schedule. Char kicked off the day by giving a passionate speech on her journey in fashion by saying "The joy is in the journey", and "Sometimes you stumble upon your gift." The first class I chose was Startup to Established, by Colin McConnell of Detroit Respect. In this session, Colin introduced his company, and the idea of embracing one of the hardest working cities in the world by stating, "A lot of people leave Detroit, but they still want to rock Detrot." As a firm believer in the power we Detroiters have, he insisted we must "get our egos aside, and work together." He also elaborated on how powerful it is to involve oneself in charity by saying, "Instead of us being a clothing line, we're turning into a movement." The second session I attended was Active Blogger by Mia Ray of confessionsofaglamaholic.com. During this class, Mia explained the fundementals of a blog were your "thoughts, views, vision, and voice." With a strong following on social media, she explained that "Instagram is like my online resume, it's like my portfolio. Being a mom, fashion blogger, and entrepreneur, she pressed that "You make time for what you really want to do." The last class I chose was The Polished Look by blogger Grace Liang of colorandgrace.com. Grace offered pointers for social media, like "You must leave a comment. It will be there forever." She also stressed the importance of making genuine relationships by saying, "Do things for others, and you never know how or when they'll pay back." She explained that her goal for this year was "to help Detroit come back." To end the day, we were presented with the opportunity to ask the panel of speakers our questions. When asked "What is one quote to live by?", my favorite answer came from stylist Soonie Itawi, who said "The best way to reach your success is to create it." To me, the Summit achieved everything it set out to do. Move, inspire, inform, and cultivate the people behind the fashion movement of Detroit.

*Thank you to the Michigan Fashion Week team for having me as media coverage!*

April 10, 2016

Designer Dreams!

"Every day is a new beginning for a happy ending." I've been asked a lot recently what my end goal is. As I've said in other blog posts, my goal is, and always will be, to be a fashion designer. But why does there always have to be an "end goal?" Sounds all very gloomy and impending! Like it should take so long, and once you get there that's the end of it! Why wait, when you can decisively start a dream at any point in your life? That is why I've decided to start my own collection this year. My intention is to create a 10 piece line of my re-imagined original designs. When I say original, I mean some of the very first pieces I ever drew, back in my freshman year of college. Let me just say...yikes! xD It's really satisfying though to see how much I've improved over the past 5 years. It's nice to know after all the practice that I'm able to produce a realistic croqi after seeing my old cartoonish designs! I chose to go back to the start, because that is the line I had imagined to be my first to hit the runways. When my main goal was to be a designer, and not a blogger, or any of the other paths along the way. "Sail Away" by Brittany Ray (I like to think it's catchy and clever ;) ), will be my very first clothing collection. Seemed fitting since I am, and always will be a nautical gal. Now I don't plan on creating it all on my own, seeing as I also discovered my distaste for sewing in the beginning of college! I hope to connect with the growing garment district in Detroit to commission the creation of my clothing! It's going to take some time, but it's exhilarating to know I'm working towards it now! Now don't think that this means I'm quitting blogging. I've still got plenty of adventures in blogging to go, I'm just getting started ;)

April 3, 2016

VIP Press and Media Reception!

Friday night I attended a VIP Media and Press Reception in preparation for the Michigan Fashion Summit! For those who haven't heard, this one day fashion conference is being held on April 16th at the College of Creative Studies. With guest speakers in each category of fashion, it's sure to be a day full of information, inspiration, and networking. The reception was held at the Pink Pump boutique in the beautiful city of Bloomfield Hills. The Pink Pump was a chic store dedicated to the latest fashions. Allison, creator of vegan beauty brand, Glambitious, was my gorgeous guest. Her beauty line will be one of the vendors displayed and sold at the Fashion Summit. You can also check out her glamorous products at glambitio.us. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a mix of fellow bloggers, journalists, photographers, and designers. I had the pleasure of meeting two local bloggers, Bruna, of style-mile.com, and Grace, of colorandgrace.com. Loren and Tiffany, the creators of Fashion Summit, were very sweet to present themselves and then introduce us to others. There was plenty of shopping, horsederves, and time to mix and mingle. Later on in the evening, there were two small fashion shows. One displayed looks from Pink Pump, and the other showed looks from Loren's own collection. A press conference was then held to answer questions towards the upcoming Summit. Three of the guest speakers were present, and gave a short synopsis of who they were, and what we could expect to learn from them at the event. It was wonderful to meet some local icons, learn more about the Summit, and grab some fun pics by the sponsor wall. We both thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and look forward to the Michigan Fashion Summit in two weeks! See you soon, fashionistas ;*