April 18, 2016

Michigan Fashion Summit!

Saturday was the highly anticipated Michigan Fashion Summit, at the College of Creative Studies Detroit campus! It was the perfect venue, providing plenty of space and a view of the city. The main room was filled with tables and chairs, snacks and drinks, and vendor tables. My close friend, Allison, of vegan beauty brand Glambitious (glambitio.us), had a stunning table set up for her business. This momentus event was put together by the lovely Founder & CEO Lauren Hicks, Head of PR Tiffany Sims, and Head of Communications Megan Kennedy. The Summit was a conference with a series of interactive workshops in beauty/makeup, styling, modeling, designing, blogging, and business. Here, every member of the fashion community showed up to find their faith in Detroit fashion, and spark inspiration in their craft! There were 15 speakers, including stylist Courtney Miarka of Closet Fashion Fix and The Styled Life, and season 13 of Project Runway contestant, Char Glover. Attendees were treated to speeches from keynote speakers, a fashion show, and the choice of building their own custom class schedule. Char kicked off the day by giving a passionate speech on her journey in fashion by saying "The joy is in the journey", and "Sometimes you stumble upon your gift." The first class I chose was Startup to Established, by Colin McConnell of Detroit Respect. In this session, Colin introduced his company, and the idea of embracing one of the hardest working cities in the world by stating, "A lot of people leave Detroit, but they still want to rock Detrot." As a firm believer in the power we Detroiters have, he insisted we must "get our egos aside, and work together." He also elaborated on how powerful it is to involve oneself in charity by saying, "Instead of us being a clothing line, we're turning into a movement." The second session I attended was Active Blogger by Mia Ray of confessionsofaglamaholic.com. During this class, Mia explained the fundementals of a blog were your "thoughts, views, vision, and voice." With a strong following on social media, she explained that "Instagram is like my online resume, it's like my portfolio. Being a mom, fashion blogger, and entrepreneur, she pressed that "You make time for what you really want to do." The last class I chose was The Polished Look by blogger Grace Liang of colorandgrace.com. Grace offered pointers for social media, like "You must leave a comment. It will be there forever." She also stressed the importance of making genuine relationships by saying, "Do things for others, and you never know how or when they'll pay back." She explained that her goal for this year was "to help Detroit come back." To end the day, we were presented with the opportunity to ask the panel of speakers our questions. When asked "What is one quote to live by?", my favorite answer came from stylist Soonie Itawi, who said "The best way to reach your success is to create it." To me, the Summit achieved everything it set out to do. Move, inspire, inform, and cultivate the people behind the fashion movement of Detroit.

*Thank you to the Michigan Fashion Week team for having me as media coverage!*


  1. I didn't even know such events in MI exited... I must live under a rock. Great post, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Not at all! I didn't know they existed for the longest time, but Instagram really helped to find them! Thanks for reading <3