April 10, 2016

Designer Dreams!

"Every day is a new beginning for a happy ending." I've been asked a lot recently what my end goal is. As I've said in other blog posts, my goal is, and always will be, to be a fashion designer. But why does there always have to be an "end goal?" Sounds all very gloomy and impending! Like it should take so long, and once you get there that's the end of it! Why wait, when you can decisively start a dream at any point in your life? That is why I've decided to start my own collection this year. My intention is to create a 10 piece line of my re-imagined original designs. When I say original, I mean some of the very first pieces I ever drew, back in my freshman year of college. Let me just say...yikes! xD It's really satisfying though to see how much I've improved over the past 5 years. It's nice to know after all the practice that I'm able to produce a realistic croqi after seeing my old cartoonish designs! I chose to go back to the start, because that is the line I had imagined to be my first to hit the runways. When my main goal was to be a designer, and not a blogger, or any of the other paths along the way. "Sail Away" by Brittany Ray (I like to think it's catchy and clever ;) ), will be my very first clothing collection. Seemed fitting since I am, and always will be a nautical gal. Now I don't plan on creating it all on my own, seeing as I also discovered my distaste for sewing in the beginning of college! I hope to connect with the growing garment district in Detroit to commission the creation of my clothing! It's going to take some time, but it's exhilarating to know I'm working towards it now! Now don't think that this means I'm quitting blogging. I've still got plenty of adventures in blogging to go, I'm just getting started ;)

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