April 3, 2016

VIP Press and Media Reception!

Friday night I attended a VIP Media and Press Reception in preparation for the Michigan Fashion Summit! For those who haven't heard, this one day fashion conference is being held on April 16th at the College of Creative Studies. With guest speakers in each category of fashion, it's sure to be a day full of information, inspiration, and networking. The reception was held at the Pink Pump boutique in the beautiful city of Bloomfield Hills. The Pink Pump was a chic store dedicated to the latest fashions. Allison, creator of vegan beauty brand, Glambitious, was my gorgeous guest. Her beauty line will be one of the vendors displayed and sold at the Fashion Summit. You can also check out her glamorous products at glambitio.us. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a mix of fellow bloggers, journalists, photographers, and designers. I had the pleasure of meeting two local bloggers, Bruna, of style-mile.com, and Grace, of colorandgrace.com. Loren and Tiffany, the creators of Fashion Summit, were very sweet to present themselves and then introduce us to others. There was plenty of shopping, horsederves, and time to mix and mingle. Later on in the evening, there were two small fashion shows. One displayed looks from Pink Pump, and the other showed looks from Loren's own collection. A press conference was then held to answer questions towards the upcoming Summit. Three of the guest speakers were present, and gave a short synopsis of who they were, and what we could expect to learn from them at the event. It was wonderful to meet some local icons, learn more about the Summit, and grab some fun pics by the sponsor wall. We both thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and look forward to the Michigan Fashion Summit in two weeks! See you soon, fashionistas ;*

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