November 27, 2017

Mala Prayer Necklaces!

I think anyone would agree when I say that life is all about balance. Back in High School I somehow managed to be a part the marching band, tennis team, Link Crew leadership club, National Honor Society, and keep good grades, friends, family, and sanity without batting an eye. Multitasking all of that was like nothing to me! Nowadays, I can barely balance blogging, modeling, friends, family, a relationship, and starting my own company.
I'm not really sure where those balancing skills went to, but they should give me a call.
Since the slow decline of my master multitasking, I've done my fair share of research on balance. What I've found to work the best for me? To breathe, believe, be mindful, and meditate. Of course I've also slowly been discovering tools to help me in those practices. Something I recently stumbled upon was Mala Prayer Mala necklaces. Malas are a tool used in meditation to assist in concentration. Here's how they work:
 Hold your Mala, and choose a mantra to be repeated that will help you concentrate. Something short and inspirational! While meditating, gently turn each one of the 108 Mala beads while repeating that mantra. When you have reached the end, take a moment to reflect, and give thanks for a successful practice. It's a simple way to make your meditation even simpler! Not to mention, they are beautiful just to wear, and many are made of crystals that are believed to contain healing qualities! So if you feel as frazzled as I do sometimes, or are just looking to work on yourself this coming new year, give Mala Prayer a try!

*Use code: BRITTANYRAY20 for 20% off yours!*

Outfit: Top: Abercrombie & Fitch, Skirt & Hat: Hollister, Boots: Francesca's Collections, Necklace: Mala Prayer, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Borrowed from Emily (hehe)

November 19, 2017

Gift A JORD Watch!

As the years go by, it seems to become increasingly difficult to shop for the holidays. Everyone accumulates more and more things, and needs less and less. My parents always give me the typical "You don't have to get us anything honey." My friends normally give me the ultimatum, "You tell me what you want, and I'll tell you." The problem is, I've shaved so much off my wish list that I didn't leave anything to ask for Christmas! Yes, I realize that in itself is a problem. We all know I'm a shopaholic. I stooped to asking for socks to get an answer!
Apparently that was an insufficient request xD
So you see, I face quite the dilemma. I have a tough bunch to shop for! If you're in the same boat that I am, let me help you get out of the gift giving rut! I've partnered with JORD Watches again this holiday season to inspire the way you gift! A luxury timepiece is the perfect way to update anyone's wardrobe, and keep them on time. To this busy fashionista those are great ways to show you care! JORD has dozens of options for women AND men. Their site carries everything from simple and elegant, like my Zebrawood Cassia, to detailed and intricate designs. They even come in a beautiful wooden box that doubles as storage. There, they can keep past presents while wearing their new wood watch ;) 

Use code: to receive 25% off your watch purchase until December 19th!

Outfit: Watch: JORD, Jacket: SheIn, Top: Eddie Bauer, Scarf: On The Bay Customs, Necklace: Craft Show
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November 15, 2017

Meeting Lady Gaga With VerizonUp!

I know everyone has had a celebrity crush at one point or another. As a teenager, mine was Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga. I listened to her every song on replay, gushed over her bold and creative outfits, sat in the very nosebleeds of her Monster Ball tour, and went as far as to learn the entire choreography for Bad Romance. 
When Verizon reached out last week with the chance to meet her, I nearly fainted. Turns out they were launching a new program called VerizonUp. It's very simple. You'll earn 1 credit with every $300 spent on your Verizon Wireless monthly bill. Each credit equals one awesome reward. From offers on brands like Apple Music and Uber, to once-in-a-lifetime experiences like front row tickets to concerts and games. I urge you to download the My Verizon app and join VerizonUp! Here's why:
It was an absolute pleasure to tour backstage, stand in on sound check, enjoy catered dinner with her crew, attend a pre-party to the show, watch an amazing concert from front row, and of course to have the opportunity to meet an idol of mine! Here's how that went:
She stepped through the curtain and smiled sleepily, then sat at a small round table 5 feet in front of me. She wore diamond studded short shorts, pink cowboy boots, a "Gaga" printed white crop top, and her newly signature western hat. She casually sipped wine from a glass, and greeted us asking how we were. She responded that she was worn out, and apologized for being late. With her recent hip injury, she likes to take a few minutes after a show to relax and center herself. She talked about working on one's self, and how she enjoys taking time for reflection, meditation, and loves a good Epson salt bath. She continued with trusting her closest friend on the creation of her documentary on Netflix, Gaga: Five Foot Two. She admitted to not watching it until after it was released, and laughing at herself in a few scenes. Then continued to laugh over some past memories, like laying on a piano and singing with Kermit the Frog in The Muppets. "Art is all perception" she explained, saying how important it is to practice, and to not hide your artistic talent. A quick picture was taken, and I left her by saying "Thank you for being an inspiration." 
Let me set one thing straight for everyone. I was a nervous wreck going into this! As soon as she entered that room, I came to a huge realization. She's only human. Not only that, but she is a sweet, sassy, and down-to-Earth individual. Her presence actually made me feel very calm and relaxed. "I love people" she stated, and I could absolutely tell she meant it. She deeply cares for anyone and everyone she meets, and takes their circumstances straight to heart. Now that's someone who deserves any good bit of fame that exists! It felt incredibly fulfilling to meet her and get to know her for who she truly is as an artist and person. 
So download VerizonUp today and start earning your own phenomenal rewards! Thank you to Verizon for making a dream of mine come true! 

November 10, 2017

Thatsavibe Magazine!

It may sound silly, but I have a fashionista bucket list. It's basically a list of all the things I'd love to accomplish in the fashion world. Some examples I've crossed off would be:
Appear in style segment on tv- Check! 
Walk in a fashion show- Check! 
And now...
Be featured in a magazine- Check!
Of course there's an uncompleted list a mile long, because I like to set some outrageous goals. But hey, I like to believe anything is possible! Until a few months ago, I thought the magazine one was a bit far fetched. Until I suddenly had a bunch of offers. One of them was to be a featured blogger in the October issue of that'savibe.
Start writing that bucket list, people.
Dreams do come true.
So they had me send in my favorite photos, and answer questions like:
What's your next fashion must have?
Tell us how you would describe your style?
Etc. etc., etc. 
A few weeks later and I received my copy in the mail. They had some great fashions, beautiful images, and discussed some hot topics. The entire magazine was polished, and well put together. Not only did they give me a 7 page feature, but they also included my name on the cover. So start that bucket list, and expect big things!

To read my full feature, and plenty of awesome content grab a copy of that'savibe here!

*Thank you to Jordan of that'savibe for reaching out!*

Outfit: Jacket: Vince Camuto, Top: New York & Company, Jeans: Express, Boots: Francesca's Collections, Hat: Hollister, Necklace: The Peacock Room