November 20, 2015

Michigan's First Catfé!

Yesterday I went to Michigan's first Cat Café, the Catfé Lounge in Ferndale! If you don't know what a catfé is, I will fill you in on the furry goodness! A catfé, is a place designated towards drinking coffee and spending time socializing with people and cats! Most catfés charge by the hour, by the coffee, or take donations. Some catfés also serve as adoption centers paired with local shelters. The idea of a catfé originated in Japan, but the first ever catfé opened it Taipei, Taiwan in 1998. Japan did not open its first catfé until 2005, but it was such a success that many others opened there shortly after. The reason for it being so overwhelmingly popular in Japan, is because of it's small land size. Many people there live in small apartments that don't allow pets, so they look for that companionship in a catfé! This concept has spread to other countries, and there are now several in the US. California, New York, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Florida, and Michigan are a few of the locations currently open, but there are many other states in the works! My time at the Catfé Ferndale was very relaxing and enjoyable! Tons of cat toys, and towers lined the room. There were plenty of chairs, tables, and benches to sit and admire the cats. There was also a little Keurig coffee maker, or your option of water or juice boxes. The woman in charge explained to us that they were still working with the health department on having a more stable drink and food menu. There were 6 cats roaming the catfé. Some were very sleepy, and some were very playful! Austin and I had our fun teasing a fluffy black kitten with a feather on a string! So if you're looking to adopt a feline friend, or just have a kitty companion for the day, I would definitely suggest a catfé. If you're a fellow Michigander, take a trip to the Catfé Lounge in Ferndale!

November 15, 2015

Walk Fashion Show Detroit!

Last night I attended the Walk Fashion Show as a guest blogger! We chose to attend the Independent Designer Showcase, but the Children's Showcase from pictures looked adorable! Overall, my friends and I had a very entertaining experience! The event was held at the beautiful Garden Theater in Detroit. Vendor tables lined the entrance with sparkling jewelry and clothing by local designers, like Detroit is the New Black. At the entrance, a small red carpet was set up with sponsors listed in the background for a photo op. Inside was a bar and small cocktail area for guests to enjoy drinks and conversation. The runway ran right down the center, lined with chairs on both sides. Two large screens on each side of the stage provided a full view of the runway and the current designer name and collection for reference. The crowd was a very diverse group with people of all ages. Many friends, and proud family of the designers to show their support. My two friends and I were greeted by the producer of the show, Daishawn Franklin. We briefly made introductions, shot a few pictures, and he very kindly took us to our second row seats with the perfect view. Although the music wasn't entirely coordinated, models strutted to some of the most popular tracks. We were having a hard time keeping it classy and ignoring the urge to bust a move ;) Models were chosen from hundreds of local applicants, and ranged from first-timers, to those who know the business. Designers also ranged from international brands, to local start-ups. Designs were anything from gowns, to streetwear, to vintage. Some of the brands and designers included were Reginald Robinson Oche Wear, Chicago Playground, Nyan Nior Collection, Kizzed Clothing, PNX Diesel, GO India Jacqueline, Profit Vogue Studio, Vintage Ties Jaiden, Nama Melonson The Showroom, Dynamic Women, Bailee Dai Vintage, Detroit Sleeves, and Li Collections just to name a few ;) The spirit was high, and the clapping and cheering never ran out of steam. During intermission, we caught up with our friend Brooklyn, who displayed pieces for The Showroom collective of designers. I also noticed a few familiar faces from Fashion Speak, and caught up with them later on social media. Following the show, we spoke to the designer of Profit Vogue Studio, who graciously took our picture and invited us to his upcoming event. I enjoyed being inspired by fashion, meeting new faces, and connecting further with people who share my passion. It was encouraging to see fellow Detroit designers putting themselves out there, and all the support for this growing fashion community. I was very appreciative to Walk Fashion for having us there, and hope to see them continue many more shows in the future!

November 9, 2015

Natural Beauty Secrets!

As I'm sure you've read in previous posts, I consider myself a bit of a health nut ;) In my last year of college, I wrote a report on the truth behind the ingredients in our food and products that really opened my eyes. Now this didn't start in college, I've always enjoyed doing my research. Personally, I feel you have to get all the facts and form your own opinions through trial and error. Test the waters yourself before you decide to stand behind a statement made by others! So I decided to try a simpler way of living. For about two years now, I've been "getting back to nature", or so they say. Not just in my eating, but in my beauty regimen as well. It's been an experiment for me to validate my research on raw and organic living. The results that I have found, have been astounding! So, I just wanted to share some of my "beauty secrets" that really are just tips or healthier alternatives to the average beauty regimen! With the cold winter weather approaching, I present my advice to looking your best! #1. Try organic! When it comes to hair, I don't mess around! I use an manuka honey organic shampoo and conditioner by Organic Doctor, which I buy at Vitamin World. I never had a natural wave to my hair before I started using this product. I like to attribute that to my hair returning to its natural state of health without the harsh dyes or parabens found in most hair products. #2. Shirt dry! I also hardly use heat to my hair, and tee shirt dry it rather than towel dry it. Towels are too harsh for your freshly washed hair, and rob your hair of it's natural moisture. #3. Be gentle! Instead of using a rough astringent that will dry out your skin, use raw apple cider vinegar. It will balance out the PH of your skin, is antibacterial, and is anti inflammatory. For these reasons, it is also great to keep acne at bay, fix bruises, cuts, and scars! #4. Wash up smart! For washing, I use an organic honey and almond soap bar from Whole Foods for my face and body. It's gentle enough for your skin, and smells yummy too ;) #5. Protect your lips! At night, apply a natural lip balm while you sleep. It will prevent your lips from cracking or chapping during the day. I use the Kissable Lip Balm from Glambitious (link to site:, that is a mixture of coconut oil and cocoa butter. #6. Drink plenty of water! It's best to drink at least 1 liter of water a day in order to keep hydrated. It's a great way to naturally detox your body, and keep your mind alert. #7. Eat healthy! Beauty really does come from the inside out. Make sure you eat plenty of things like fruits, veggies, nuts, and acai bowls ;) Stay away from foods high in sugar, starch, or carbohydrates. Try reading the book Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart for more eating for beauty tips! I hope that these products and methods have the same benefit for you that I have enjoyed! Well that's all I have on beauty for now. Don't forget to check back for more fashion in my next post! This Saturday I am attending the Walk Fashion Show Detroit as a guest blogger, and can't wait to share my experience with you!