November 20, 2015

Michigan's First Catfé!

Yesterday I went to Michigan's first Cat Café, the Catfé Lounge in Ferndale! If you don't know what a catfé is, I will fill you in on the furry goodness! A catfé, is a place designated towards drinking coffee and spending time socializing with people and cats! Most catfés charge by the hour, by the coffee, or take donations. Some catfés also serve as adoption centers paired with local shelters. The idea of a catfé originated in Japan, but the first ever catfé opened it Taipei, Taiwan in 1998. Japan did not open its first catfé until 2005, but it was such a success that many others opened there shortly after. The reason for it being so overwhelmingly popular in Japan, is because of it's small land size. Many people there live in small apartments that don't allow pets, so they look for that companionship in a catfé! This concept has spread to other countries, and there are now several in the US. California, New York, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Florida, and Michigan are a few of the locations currently open, but there are many other states in the works! My time at the Catfé Ferndale was very relaxing and enjoyable! Tons of cat toys, and towers lined the room. There were plenty of chairs, tables, and benches to sit and admire the cats. There was also a little Keurig coffee maker, or your option of water or juice boxes. The woman in charge explained to us that they were still working with the health department on having a more stable drink and food menu. There were 6 cats roaming the catfé. Some were very sleepy, and some were very playful! Austin and I had our fun teasing a fluffy black kitten with a feather on a string! So if you're looking to adopt a feline friend, or just have a kitty companion for the day, I would definitely suggest a catfé. If you're a fellow Michigander, take a trip to the Catfé Lounge in Ferndale!

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