April 28, 2016

Styleshack's Style Chops!

On Sunday I was selected to compete in a styling competition against 4 of Detroit's top style bloggers. I told you I had a busy weekend! The event was organized by Styleshack, and hosted at Guys N Gals in West Bloomfield. Upon arrival, we were given time to browse, chat, and shop the store. Not going to lie, I was totally preparing outfits in my mind, and trying to guess what the categories would be! I'm sure I wasn't the only one ;) My fellow competition was Grace from colorandgrace.com, Chelsie from chitchatchelsie.wordpress.com, Jennifer from spoonfulofflair.com, and Morgan from notyouraveragequeenblog.wordpress.com. Once everyone arrived, we were each given two mannequins to style. We were told that we would have 20 minutes to style both mannequins in cohesive looks based on the category we were given. Then, customers and hosts alike would rate each of our looks from 1 being the worst, to 10 being the best. The blogger with the highest score would be the Style Chops champ! The first category was announced as Boho Chic, and each blogger scrambled to grab their outfits. I chose a blue and white paisley blouse, jean skirt, tie-dyed denim button down, and oversized bag for my main look, and a matching paisley dress, linear necklace, and rainbow bag for my side look. To me, boho is all about that 70's style of feeling young, free, and lively in bold patterns, bright colors, fun fabics, lots of natural jewels, and layering. The second category was Date Night Glam. I went with a little black dress, glittering clutch, and diamond jewelry for my first look, and a black ruffled blouse, gold necklace, and a red, pink, and black striped bandage skirt for my second look. In my opinion, date nights are for feeling feminine, sexy, and refined in classic colors and cuts, fitted silouttes, shiny clutches, and expensive-looking jewels. The final category was Sporty Chic! I selected a Detroit tee, ripped skinny jeans, black leather jacket, and leather bag for my large look, and a casual black dress, beaded necklace, and a leather crossbody for my small look. When I think of sporty chic, I think comfortable, casual, and just a bit edgy with Converse, caps, leggings or detailed jeans, and graphic tees representing your favorite bands, sports teams, brands, or cities ;* We then waited for the votes to be tallied, and the winner announced! Chelsie of chitchatchelsie.wordpress.com was named as the Style Chops champ! Although I was not the winner, I still had a fabulous time and got some great styling practice in! Participants were also given their own choker necklace as a consolation prize that I absolutely love! Thank you to Styleshack for having me, Guys N Gals for hosting, and thank you to my family and Stylish Dreams Group for coming to support me! 

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