May 2, 2016

Davisburg Antique Festival!

I have a strange fascination with craft and antique fairs and festivals! Could be because my family and I have made an annual trip to the Shipshewana Flea Market my entire life. Or, because I was raised as a craft show kid. I traveled with my parents, and enjoyed hiding in boxes under the display tables ;) These days, I find it fun to stroll around, rummage through things, and bargain hunt. Yesterday, we took a day trip to the Davisburg Antique Festival. With several barns full of vendors, and plenty of outside booths, there was plenty to see! Along with antiques, there was also a wide range of Michigan-made products and food, carnival-style food trucks, and live music. As a fashion designer, I'm always the one dragging my sister on the lookout for jewelry, accessories, and inspiration, while my dad searches for tools, and my mom looks for home decor! This time I was on a slightly different mission of finding teacups to plant succulents in. I saw it on Pinterest, don't judge until you see how cute it is! And although I didn't find the perfect cup, I had a wonderful time with Austin and my family. If you haven't before, I highly suggest trying something new and making a trip to a fair, festival, or flea market. If anything, it's a great time to bond with loved ones. Plus, you never know when you'll find a hidden gem!

Photos: Joanne Photography 

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