August 19, 2016

Fresh Thyme Market Bloggers & Blues!

I love grocery shopping. Is that normal? I've heard my fair share of adults complain about having to hit the market. To me, it's always exciting to pick up my favorite products, and discover new ones! Plus I'm a pretty high maintenance shopper...shocker right? ;) I like the best of the best, and what that means is the healthiest! I'm one of those crazy people that craves my fruits, veggies, nuts, and anything good for me. On top of that, I find it important to eat organic, raw, or natural products that won't harm my body. So of course, when Fresh Thyme Farmers Market invited me to their Bloggers and Blues grand opening event in Farmington Hills, I was thrilled to check it out! Upon arrival, I received a personal tour of the store, a big basket of goodies, and then was sent to explore! First order of business was to gush over the bath and beauty section. It was absolutely filled to the brim with natural makeup, essential oils, incense, lotions, candles, conditioners, shampoos, and soaps to spoil any health nut! You see, it's as equally as important to use healthy beauty products, seeing as anything that comes in contact with your skin is absorbed into your blood stream within as little as 7 seconds. Just because you aren't eating it, doesn't mean it couldn't be harmful! Next were the endless supplements and homeopathic remedies, because sometimes we need that extra kick of vitamins or minerals to boost that system! Then followed the main event; the food. They had everything I could ever hope to grace the shelves of my pantry. Exotic cereal flavors, granola bars nuts, dried fruits, yogurt covered anything, you name it! Of course, their produce section was just as impressive! Any fruit or veggie to choose from, clearly labeled as regular or organic. And for those special occasions for me, they had a full cheese selection, meat counter, sushi section, and salad bar. And when I'm looking to finish off that meal with a sweet treat, there's also a huge variety of candy, ice cream and gelato, little cakes, pies, and pastries! Fresh Thyme Market is spacious, neat, organized, and stocked with only the best for you. Hit your local market, or visit the new location in Farmington Hills for some of the healthiest choices, and friendliest faces in town! All of which are sure to make you look forward to your next shopping trip!

*Thank you to Sally for the invite, Nicole for the tour, and Fresh Thyme Market of Farmington Hills for having Emily and I. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, our beautiful basket, and will be back to shop often!*

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 

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