August 17, 2016

Michigan Road Trip: Huron River Kayaking!

I love the feeling of connecting with nature. To me, it's important to get out, be wild, a little messy, and feel free. We decided to satisfy our nature crave, and organize a kayaking trip down the Huron River in Ann Arbor. We took a group of our friends and drove down to Argo's Canoe Livery. Here, we rented six personal kayaks and one double for my sister and Kara. The group scrambled to throw phones in sandwich baggies, grab life jackets, paddles, and hit the river! When first entering the tunnel to the river, we hit some smaller rapids. Then, as we went on, the rapids gradually got bigger until a huge wave crashed over me on the last one. It felt like one of those river boat amusement park rides! After that, the river was fairly calm, except for the occasional kayaker who stranded themselves in the shallows, or on a large rock xD Then came Alex or Kyle to the rescue, dragging the poor kayaker's boat to safety. We came to a colosseum looking building on the side of the river, and took a break to explore it and take some goofy pictures. Then, we continued our trip, laughing and joking, standing up in our kayaks like paddle boards, and taping the whole thing on GoPros. At one point, we reached a large bridge that the guys challenged themselves to climb across. So we all beached our kayaks, and took turns climbing the bridge. About an hour later, we hit a point in the river that was deep enough to swim. So we hopped in for a bit to cool down, and enjoy the refreshing feeling. Not long after that, we hit the last bridge before the end of the journey. A group before us had left their kayaks to the side, and climbed the bank to get to the bridge. They all stood nervously looking over the edge, as if they wanted to jump it. So of course, our guys got up there and showed them how it was done ;) Following that, the girls thought it looked fun and soon after joined. When we finally reached the pick-up destination, we arrived a little sunburnt, wild, messy, and feeling free. A successful trip indeed!

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