September 3, 2016

Exploring Lake St. Clair!

I've been a nautical gal all my life. Between my obsession for collecting seashells, swimming and splashing around for hours, and being deemed a mermaid, you can say I'm at my happiest near the water. This probably comes from growing up down the street from the beautiful Lake St. Clair. With over 430 square miles of fresh water and 160 miles of shoreline to explore, who could blame me? And I've explored my fair share of it over the years. Last week, I spent a day boating between the various hotspots of Harsens Island. First stop, was a trip across the lake to Club Island at the tip Harsens Island. There, we hopped into the smaller boat and took off towards another part of Harsens Island. We then had ice cream at Riverside Grocery, and attempted to eat it before it melted all over us xD After that, was another short trip to Brown's Bar, where I had an amazing salmon dinner. Being the most colorful building I've ever been in, with upbeat music and quite the crowd, it was a fun dining experience! Then was a stop at Muscamoot Bay, known for the famous Raft Off and Jobbie Nooner. If you like to party, this is your place. Hundreds of boats gather here to have a good time. We however, just came for some swimming, and of course people watching ;) It was getting late, so we headed back to Club Island for some evening fishing off the shore. Let's just say I had a lot of assistance in catching that perch ;P A day of boating, swimming, fishing, melty ice cream, and seafood made for the happiest mermaid you'll ever meet! 

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