March 30, 2017

Round 2 All Things Detroit!

Nourishing Detroit since 1891. Although originally with meats, jams, spices, and flowers, the Eastern Market is still bustling with business after 126 years. Especially this past Sunday, at All Things Detroit. Now if you've been keeping up with the blog, you'd know this is not my first time there! If you've gone, you would understand! These days, the market is brimming with art, clothing, accessories, sweets and treats as far as the eye can see! That is, if you were tall enough to see past the immense crowd the event drew in! Even though it was a cold, rainy, Sunday morning, the place was packed wall to wall with shoppers. Nothing makes me happier than seeing that type of interest in local talent. To support a local business, is to support the people like my employers, my fashion friends, my best girlfriend, and Bedazzled Britt of course :D So expect to see me at the next All Things Detroit, and possibly the one after that, and after that...;) Along with those who will help to nourish Detroit for years to come!

*Special thank you to Jennyfer Crawford of AskJennyfer for having us!*

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