November 18, 2016

Doll Faced Cosmetics!

Have you ever found the perfect product and been tempted to buy their entire stock? That's how I feel about my new lip paint from Doll Faced Cosmetics! I currently have the overwhelming urge to purchase it in every color! Let me explain myself before I start to sound crazy ;) I have a very tall order of qualities I'd like for a lip color to be considered the "perfect lip product". I want it to have a beautifully bright pigment, a non-sticky texture, be long-lasting, not bleed or smear, and make it through a sip of coffee without leaving the infamous kiss marks! Let's just say I've gone many years with no such luck! Every brand I've tried thus far has only met 3 or 4 of my 5 qualifications. I've tested everything from cheap drug store brands, to high-end cosmetic counter brands. I pretty much gave up and went with the brand that came the closest. That's until I met Tia. Upon meeting her, she spoke so highly of her product that I wanted so baldy to try! "Doll Faced Cosmetics is a lip color collection that features bold, vibrant colored, vegan liquid lipsticks and lip paints. They also have a variety of lip glosses (non vegan) that give your lips shine without stickiness." Best. Decision. Ever. Her lip paint has met my every need, and exceeded expectations. I'm now throwing a bright red smile with her Everlasting Love Lip Paint at everyone I see. I invite you to join me in flashing smiles in the #getdollfaced movement ;)

Lip Paint: Doll Faced Cosmetics, Jacket: Romwe, Scarf: Express, Tights: Francesca's Collections, Pumps: Express, Watch: Jord, Earrings: Glitz and Ears, Rings: Some Francesca's Collections, some...who knows?


  1. Absolutely beautiful images. Thanks again for the review!

  2. Of course! Thanks for an amazing product! :)