November 27, 2016

Show Some Detroit Respect!

I love being an "artsy fartsy" person. I enjoy creating art, and admiring art. Every time I head to Detroit, I view the giant murals that span the city as beautiful works of art. How can you not? Hours of talent, concentration, and dedication go into them. As an artist, I know how much work it takes to create them, and absolutely admire the artist who does. For the longest time, I wanted to be an art teacher. I enjoyed the subject so much, it only made sense to share my passion every day. That's until I realized my calling was fashion. When I changed my mind on what I wanted to do, people were curious why the sudden change? My response? "Because fashion is wearable art." My heart fluttered with the thought of other people wearing my designs, and displaying my work. So of course, I have just as much respect for a great fashion design as I do a stunning mural. That's why I love Detroit Respect. With their strong logo, clever sayings, bold designs, and vivid colors, I can only be reminded of Detroit's murals. Their T-shirt designs make an impact upon wearing. The brand name itself reminds us to respect a city built on so many admirable things. Art, music, industry, culture, and now fashion! Their sayings like, "BElieve THEre is GOOD in Detroit" can inspire us all. They also make an impact upon purchasing. They are a buy-one-give-one company. For every shirt purchased online, they will give one to a worthy cause in Detroit. Or you can purchase their brand, along with over 20 other Michigan-made products at the Metro D Store in Rochester Hills. So let's show Detroit some Respect, and support a local business that gives back ;)

Top Outfit: Top: Detroit Respect, Jacket: Guess, Jeans: Express, Hat: Nordstrom Rack, Pumps: BCBGeneration, Earrings: Glitz and Ears 
Bottom Outfit: Top: Detroit Respect, Jacket: Buckle, Hat: Forever 21, Jeans: Express, Boots: Wet Seal, Earrings: Can't remember...

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