October 13, 2015

PFW '15 Review!

Fashion month is officially over! That statement can also be taken as "fashionista life is officially over". Let's just admit it, PFW was just as amazing as all the rest. From one extreme to the other, there was something for everyone. Looks went from soft, dreamy, and lacey, to sharp, structured, and recycled. And I mean literally, the Loewe show featured plastic pants! Now that's not exactly my cup of tea, but I will share with you my review on top looks and shows from PFW! Balmain was my top show, with top models like Gigi, Kendall, and Alessandra, it was hard to beat. Looks were filled with tiered ruffles, suede, laser cuts, and leather! The colors were very neutral, and model looks were very polished in sleek ponytails. Maybe Rousteing's inspiration came from his upcoming collaboration with retail giant H&M? My second show would have to be the Alexander McQueen show. An extremely gentle and romantic show by Sarah Burton I'd say. There was lace, feathers, fur, and hint of a Victoriana decay. It was quite unlike the usual show filled with masks, outlandish hair, extravagant makeup, and wild distractions. It was the perfect show to take the viewer back to simpler times. My final pick would be the Elie Saab show. When it comes to Elie Saab, I fall for their romantic gowns covered in sequins and dripping in details every time. This time was something a bit different. Although I didn't care for the neon stripes shown in certain looks, I did love the lace looks. The black and white cascading lace in full length gowns was jaw dropping. Hopefully come spring they continue the elegance that I love! Well that's enough fashion speak for now ;) Tomorrow I'm attending the Fashion Speak Conference in Detroit, and I'm dying to see how it goes and share it with everyone. Brunch, 8 fashion workshops, speakers in the business, and an after party with goodie bags? Let's just say I'm beyond excited! Stay tuned to hear my experience! 

Alexander McQueen
Elie Saab

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