May 25, 2017

Little Black Maxi Dress!

I have a fun little history lesson for all of you ;) For those who don't already know the background, the famous little black dress was originally worn for mourning. It didn't become a daily staple until 1926. Although not created by Coco Chanel, it was popularized by her after her LBD sketch was published in Vogue. After that, the simple yet elegant design was shown in endless ways by countless designers. Fast forward to 2017, and you know the drill. Every woman needs at least one little black dress. I have at least 4 ;) I would have more, but then I risk someone mistaking me wearing the same thing twice ;P So in order to fix that problem, I decided to try a LBMD (Little Black Maxi Dress)! Let's just say that I'm in love. It's slimming, elongating, comfortable, and can be styled a million ways. And that's not all! Thanks to VIPme, I can find a huge selection of LBMD's. In case I'd like 4 of those as well. Along with a few more LBD's. Just kidding! Sort of...;) So follow suit, (Only corny because Coco popularized that as well, hehe) and channel your inner Chanel with VIPme's sophisticated styles! 

Dress: VIPme, Belt & Pumps: Express, Hat: Indiana Flea Market, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Rocksbox 

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