May 14, 2017

Read My Lipstick!

Once I find a makeup style I like, I stick with it. For a loooooong time. After that, it becomes something I'm known for. Ask any of my friends or family. The definition of Brittany would be: winged eyeliner, long eyelashes, pink rosy cheeks, and full red lips. Let's just say I'm very inspired by the 1950's look! Every now and then I'll throw in a purple lip, but that's the extent of excitement. That's until My Makeup Brush Set sent me a 12 pack of their best selling everlasting velvet matte lip colors! Now I have pink, blue, orange, nude, and many more to test out! I'll admit, so far the red is my favorite ;) Last time, I tried the product that My Makeup Brush Set is best known for: their oval brush set. Their innovative brush type threw off my makeup routine in the best way! I ended up loving them, and was happy they got me to step outside of my box. Now they're back at it again with having me try funky lip colors. So if you're looking for change in your routine, try out My Makeup Brush Set's products! Hopefully you'll experiment a bit more than me ;) 

Lipstick: My Makeup Brush Set, Dress: White House Black Market, Hat: Charming Charlie, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Francesca's Collections 

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