May 9, 2017

Fashion Massacre 8!

Being a fashion blogger who has witnessed the shows from below, I've always wondered how it would feel to be in the opposite position. To be the one standing at the end of the runway, bravely facing the crowd from above. So when Cheryl of C. Creations suggested I try out Fashion Massacre 8, I jumped at the opportunity. I watched an endless stream of YouTube modeling tutorials, and practiced, practiced, practiced! I went to three practices, where I walked in circles, lines, and figure eights for hours. I struck poses, gave faces, and tried not to trip over the person in front of me xD So on the day of run-throughs, I was a bit caught off guard. Remember my daydream of gracing the runway? Well, it turned out to be the cobblestone streets of old Detroit at the Detroit Historical Museum instead. Which ended up being very original and artistic, but much more challenging in heels! On the day of the show, I was as ready as I'd ever be. We gathered 6 hours in advance, and settled into our prep room. While some models took turns getting their hair and makeup done, the rest of us joined our coach, Dante, for warm ups and yoga. Well, and a lot of shaking our shoulders, arms, and butts. As silly as it felt, and as many hushed giggles went around, you could feel the energy fill the room. After hours more of placements, hairspray, green eyeshadow, and conversation, it was time for the show. The camera flashes were blinding, the music was blaring, and the crowd was roaring. Even though we played mannequin for 15 minutes at a time, it went by in the blink of an eye. Every ounce of sweat and stress was completely worth it. To sum it all up? Being a runway model involves a lot of time, chaos, disarray, sticky tape, and sore feet. But it also involves a lot of practice, dedication, teamwork, friendships, and fashion. Thank you to the designers for your stunning work, the models for being so sweet to work with, Dante for being an amazing coach, and the entire Fashion Massacre team for letting me be a behind the scenes blogger AND model! 

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