February 15, 2017

Love Is All You Need!

For as long as I can remember, there's been the argument whether Valentine's Day should be celebrated or ignored. I personally always celebrate it, especially seeing as my birthday is the day before...and I've always secretly wished I waited only 1.5 more hours to be a Valentine baby! But even if it didn't have special meaning, I know I would still partake in the holiday! Why? Because love should be celebrated every moment of every day, but sometimes that becomes difficult in our busy lives. Having a day to remind you of that is a good thing! As cheesy as this sounds, I believe love is the single most important thing in the Universe. Not just love for a significant other, but love for your family, friends, pets, yourself, and the life you've been given. I've always felt the more love you give, the more that you will receive. So why hold back? Love everyone and everything. Feel it deep in your soul, and show it in whatever way you can. Whether you express it through actions, words, or unbreatheable bear hugs! When it comes to Valentine's Day, I understand that giving someone chocolates or flowers tends to feel expected, but it's not the gift that matters. It's the fact that the day is fueled by expressions of love. So don't allow the stresses of life let you forget this: to really embrace every day, "Love is all you need." ;)

Top: Hollister, Skirt: Francesca's Collections, Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Walmart, Earrings: Joanne Fabrics, Booties: DSW  

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