December 22, 2016

Ginger Snaps Jewelry!

I love anything you can customize. You can be given a great selection of something, but just wish it came in a different color or pattern. Or maybe wish it was a little more personal to you. Put my name, initials, or anything that pertains to who I am on something, and it's a done deal. That's why when I was little, I begged my parents for a new charm to add to my charm bracelet every time we went to the store. For example, I had a little bumblebee because my name starts with B, a cheerleader because I was in cheer camp, and a tennis racket because I was taking lessons. Now being older, I still find great value in personalizion! With every other Esty seller offering personalized anything, it seems like everyone feels the same. You can have a coffee mug with your business logo on it, a hat displaying your dog's name, or even a bumper sticker that says "Keep Calm And Bedazzle On". With Things Remembered engraving, Alex and Ani charms, and Coach monogrammed handbags, even big companies are jumping on board! So when I discovered Ginger Snaps customizable jewelry at On The Bay Customs, of course I was excited! With Ginger Snaps, you choose the base piece that you like, and add whatever charms you want to it simply by snapping them on and off! They have a wide range of necklaces, bracelets, rings, keychains, headbands, sunglasses, and even clutches to choose from! Then there's the thousands of charm styles, that come in every color, design, or thing you can think of. So if you'd like to show off who you are in a unique way, head to On The Bay Customs and get started ;) 

Instagram: On The Bay Customs 
*Everything displayed above is sold at On The Bay Customs, including jars and jewelry rack*

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