December 10, 2016

Brisk Days On The Bay!

I'm not ready for winter. Even though it's been a glorious year in Michigan, I'm still dreading the cold. I'm one of those people who could bask on a beach all year round and not question the lack of seasons. Which is funny coming from someone who grew up in a state where we can have all four seasons in a day. Guess I've seen a little too much of it over the years! And even though I do enjoy spring, summer, and fall, I want them to be toasty. Therefore, I can confidently say that I am not a winter person. No matter how warm the winter starts out, I know it'll end in me shoveling myself out of the driveway. So when it's below zero, and the snow is falling, and the wind is howling, I've got to find ways to stay sane. My favorite way, is by bundling up in cozy layers and picturing myself back on the shores of Hawaii. Now this takes a lot of effort, especially when I actually leave my house and enter the frozen tundra. my ice scraper just broke. Ugh, I give up. But what doesn't take a lot of work is looking stylish while staying hot! Ponchos, sweaters, and scarves are some of my favorite pieces to pull on over my first 5 layers. No joke, I will wear tops over tops, and socks over socks until I feel like the abominable snowman! Add some jeans, boots, and sunglasses to avoid that snowy glare, and I might as well be in Oahu with how warm I feel ;P If you're wanting to look your best, while attempting to feel your best this winter, head to On The Bay Customs. A trendy store right on beautiful Lake St. Clair, that carries clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor and gifts. Their beachy vibes will get you right in the mood to catch the next plane to paradise, along with their array of unique bohemian fashion. Spend brisk days On The Bay, and watch your winter blues fade away ;) 

Model: Emily Joanne
Photos: By Muah ;D 
Top Outfit: Poncho & Sunglasses: On The Bay Customs
Middle Outfit: Scarf & Sunglasses: On The Bay Customs
Bottom Outfit: Poncho & Sunglasses: On The Bay Customs

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