June 17, 2016

Beautiful Belle Isle!

I remember going to Belle Isle as a child, and just having a wonderful time. Belle Isle, is an island in the Detroit river just a short swim from Canada (that's a slight exaggeration, please do not attempt)! While it is officially Belle Isle Park, the island holds an aquarium, conservatory, beaches, ponds, and beautiful scenery. Of course, my favorite part was the Belle Island Aquarium. Years later, I was saddened to hear that the building with the "fishies" and gorgeous green tile was closed down. This past weekend was my first time returning to Belle Isle since it's reopening. And I have to say it felt like walking down a fond, distant memory. The building still holds it's old charm, and an array of fun aquatic life. While I love a good aquarium, I love a good conservatory just as much! The Belle Isle Conservatory was just as dreamy as it's said to be. It was a beautiful day, and the enormous glass building stood out against the crystal blue sky. Inside, the warm tropical air and variety of exotic plants felt like I stepped into the jungle. I enjoyed the atmosphere, admiring all the different plants, and learning a bit about each type. Emily was really in her element, taking plenty of pictures along the way. Right outside the building, sat an ice cream truck where we couldn't help but grab a cone of our own! Although we didn't get the chance to explore the whole island, I hope to go back and do some kayaking, enjoy the beach, and wave "Hi" to our Canadian neighbors ;)

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