March 2, 2016

Why Blog?

It seems like a silly question to some, but why should someone blog? I know there are the obvious reasons I've heard like "It helps your mental stability to put it down in writing", or "It's becoming a growing field where you can become famous and make a lot of money", but what else? I had a moment of realization the other day in the boutique that I work. We had just received a mug with gold lettering across the front reading "Blogging Day", that I instantly fell in love with. I was just about to sneak one in the back before the customers swooped in like locusts, and noticed a girl admiring them. Thinking she was a fellow blogger, I over-excitedly asked her if she was a blogger. Sheepishly holding the mug she replied "Well no...I have a Tumbler, but I'm not famous, I don't travel the world, and I don't model in beautiful clothing... I just post things that I love. Things that make me happy". I was incredibly taken aback by that statement. When has doing something that you love had to involve all that in order to be considered "real" blogging? So I said to her "I think that if you have a Tumbler, and it makes you happy to post on it, that you are a true blogger. And who knows? Maybe someday you'll have all those things, but I'm glad you love what you blog now". She smiled back at me in such a genuine way and said "Thank you, you're right. Maybe someday I will". I like moments like that. Moments where you realize that happiness comes above all, and that you can connect with someone over something as simple as that. So if there's anyone out there who feels the same way, just blog. Just do it for the pure fact that it makes you happy. I'll follow you along for the ride ;) 

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