March 10, 2016

Essential Oils So Far!

Since it has officially been a couple months of me using my Young Living Essential Oils, I feel that I can confidently say that I am a believer! Not that I was a skeptic to begin with, but to actually put the product to the test is what it's all about! Keep in mind that there are like a hundred uses for each oil, so I was unable to use them all to their max! Somehow in one month, I managed to need a reason to put each one of my 12 oils to the test in some way. Makes me feel extremely needy, but you never realize how much happens in a couple months until you document it ;) Below are the results that I found from each oil!
Stress Away- 1 drop used on my wrists, back and front of neck daily helped with my stress and anxiety levels. I also was experiencing some serious leg/foot cramps one night after yoga, and after applying a few drops they vanished. This quickly became my favorite scent, and most religiously used oil! 
Lemon- 1 drop in my daily cup of green tea or water added a wonderful citrus scent and taste. Seeing as I'm someone who has always had trouble getting in my daily water intake, I noticed a considerable difference in my thirst, and my energy levels as an added plus!
Purification- 1 drop quickly healed a nasty cut, so it's great for that reason. I did however try to use it as a facial astringent and did not find any positive results.
Peppermint- 1 drop on my wrists, back and front of neck gave me an added boost of energy and alertness. The smell is intoxicating, and great to use in a sugar scrub recipe as well! 
Panaway- 1 drop used on my temples quickly eliminated any headache. I also used it on my sore muscles, and for my backaches only to have almost instant pain relief. 
Lavender- When diffused, I found that I had no trouble falling asleep, and slept much easier. 1 drop added to my mascara also did a wonderful job of naturally lengthening my lashes. I also used several drops in my shampoo bottle, and had much healthier and moisturized hair! I couldn't live without Lavender now. 
R.C- I used several drops on my chest in attempts to rid myself of an annoying cough, but sadly found no positive results. 
Copaiba- I moved on to try this on my chest for cough relief instead, and my cough was gone within the next few days!
Frankincense- I loved diffusing it while meditating, yoga, or doing some nightly reading, or writing for clarity in deep thinking and feeling. 
Digize- 1 drop rubbed onto my stomach helped aid with minor internal discomforts.
Theives- I'm going to call this the miracle oil, seeing as I was able to dodge a cold AND the flu with this baby! 1 drop rubbed onto the bottom of each foot when I felt that "tinge of sickness" helped tremendously with immune support. I managed to be the only healthy and chipper member of my household during sick times!
Tea Tree- I had read countless positive reviews on using this for acne and radiant skin, but sadly for some people the opposite can happen! Tea Tree did not work for me, but this does not mean the same for everyone! 
To sum this all up, I'd have to say that my favorite essential oils are Stress Away, Lemon, Panaway, Lavender, Frankincense, and Thieves! If you'd like to find your own results, try any of these oils and more from under my sponsor ID: 3506759!

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