March 17, 2016

NDP Fashion Show!

Yesterday I attended the NDP Fashion Show, hosted at the Great Oaks Country Club. The theme was Destination Detroit, to honor the heart behind a great Michigan city. Chairs lined each side of the runway with personal gift bags filled with Michigan made products like Bettermaid chips, and programs filled with Michigan fun facts.The host of the show was none other than radio favorite, Mojo, from channel 9.55's Mojo in the Morning. I was there, because I styled 18 of the girls in outfits from my boutique, Francesca's, and served as media coverage. I went a couple hours early as backstage help, before I covered the show. Let me tell you, behind the scenes of a fashion show is no joke! Backstage was a frenzy of girls dressing, chatting, texting, and oozing over how beautiful one another looked. There were shouts and demands for "dress tape!", "lipstick!", and "someone zip me!". The air was filled with the scent of hairspray, deodorant, and the Chanel perfume they were spraying each other for "good luck!" xD There was an hour of practice runs, then finally the line-up for the real deal. During the show, everything from gowns, to printed pants, to flirty little dresses strutted down the runway. With several different stores paticipating, there was a vast difference in the styles shown. They went down in pairs of parent and child, girlfriend and boyfriend, or two best friends. There were kisses blown, giggles, high-fives, and chest bumps thrown about. Everyone was having such a fun time, and really adding in their personalities. As they made their way down the runway, Mojo gave a brief description of their look, and highlighted each student's journey through school. Cheers and roars were heard from different sections of the crowd as "future Michigan State", or "future Michigan University" student was listed off. To close off the show, there were dancers in "Made in Detroit" tees performing to a mash-up of Eminem's tracks. Then a final walk was done with every model pair bidding the crowd goodbye. I had a wonderful time, and was very fortunate to be able to work with such sweet ladies! Next up in the fashion world, is the VIP Media and Press Reception I'm attending for the next event I'm covering. Stayed tuned, or you'll miss the surprise ;)

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