March 23, 2016

Glambitious Beauty Products!

I've teamed up with my favorite all-natural vegan beauty product brand, Glambitious, for a special 10% discount off your entire order with my code BEDAZZLEDBRITT at checkout on! I was introduced to Glambitious almost 9 years ago by the owner and creator, Allison. At the mere age of 12, she created her own natural line of beauty products and began selling them at craft shows. Fast forward 10 years, and Glambitious now has an impressive catalog of over 13 products for women, and the extension of Natural Gentleman, a 3 product line for men. Each product comes in glass or metal containers, and is professionally packaged and wrapped with a bow. Their tagline, "Natural as Diamonds", explains that many seem to overlook the fact that diamonds are natural, and that is what makes them so prized and luxurious. It has become a rapidly growing company with a mission to indulge it's customers with products that are all-natural and glamorous. That's exactly how I've felt each time I've ordered a product from Glambitious, and this is how I want my readers to feel as well. So here is my review of the 9 products that I have had the pleasure of purchasing from them so far!
Flawless Face Wash- This is an entirely oil-based wash that washes, spot treats, tones, and moisturizes all at once! I have to admit, using an oil wash on my already oily skin made me a tad nervous, but I was blown away by how smooth my skin felt after a week of use!
Flawless Face Serum- With a custom blend of oils, it left my skin nourished with a surprising citrus scent. After a week's worth of use, my complexion already looked clearer!
Flawless Face Mask- This mask makes for a great spa night in, and smells chocolaty sweet! Mix it with green tea, apply, wait until dry, and wash to feel detoxified and purified skin!
Luscious Locks Serum- This serum transformed my hair from dry and bland to shiny and soft in only a few uses! I suggest getting your hair wet before application, so it's easier to blend throughout.
Beauty-Queen Body Butter Candle- Light this candle for a calming essense, then use it's creamy wax as a moisturizer for beautiful skin!
Kissable Lip Balm- I use this balm every night in order to keep my lips hydrated for the long day ahead, and it smells of the signature chocolate bunny you indulge in every Easter!
Perfect Nails Cuticle Cream- I use this after each manicure and pedicure for flawless nail beds! The combination of coconut oil, cocoa butter, argan oil, and candelillia wax makes for model-worthy fingers.
Love-Your-Skin Loofah- This vegetable loofah comes in 5 delicious scents, exfoliates my skin, and leaves it glowing!
Stylish Soap- With the shea, cocoa, mango butter, and coconut oil, it left my skin feeling amazingly soft. I'm completely obsessed with the almond scent, but it also comes in lavender, lime, grapefruit, and lavender lime!
With how satisfied I've been with the products I have tried, I'm sure that their other products are just as wonderful! The rest of their products consist of the Flawless Face Spray, Coconut Sugar Scrub Cocktail, Glamorous Coconut Oil, and Candles. If you're a gentleman, or have one in your life that you'd love to spoil, try the Natural Gentleman line, consisting of the No-Scruff Beard Balm, Classic Aftershave Serum, or ManCure Scrub. So try it for yourself, and share the glam with your friends, family, and maybe as the perfect gift at your next occasion ;) 

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