September 4, 2015

Considerations Of A Shopaholic!

My "Fall Haul" from yesterday! Preparing to bundle up for cold comfy days, and stay professional and warm for work! Although clothing shopping may be my ultimate form of therapy, it's not always as easy as I make it look ;) Coming from a Class A Shopaholic, trust me when I say that it can be equally as stressful as it is relaxing. Thankfully, you have my experience and expertise to ensure your shopping trips always benefit your closet, budget, and fashion credibility! First, always make sure you're prepared with a good attitude, your personal allowance of cash, a coupon hoard, and a full stomach. Side note: I personally hate the thought of the person in the next fitting room enduring the loud gurgles of my growling stomach, and considering offering me their stashed granola bar... Anyways...when starting off, I like to stick to the brands that I am most loyal to first, then work my way down to the so-so brands. This way, I get all major purchases down first, and decide from there if I should continue to shop or drop! Always, and I mean ALWAYS try something on before you purchase it. I cannot stress enough how important this is. #1. All clothing fits each person's body type differently. Don't assume if it looks great on her that it will work the same magic on you. #2. You could have the wrong size, wrong color for your skin type, or all together wrong idea of what you wanted. #3. The return policy of that store may be strict, and you might not able to return it later if you discover your purchase was a mistake. No one likes getting home and not being able to hang that shiny new purchase in their closet because they ended up disliking it! I'm a big fan of the "huggable" method. If I adore something enough to want to wrap my arms around it and not let go, it's meant to come home with me. My mom has said that's how she knew I was serious in wanting something since I was a child, and has proven true into adulthood. If it's not a "huggable", then don't overhink it and move on. When it comes to coupons, make sure you've got the motherload of options on you. Sign up for mailed coupons, or emailed if you prefer prior to shopping at that store. I NEVER purchase anything at full price, because #1. It is not worth that full price, it is marked up a large percentage from the manufacturing price. #2. You can get more for your money. #3. Do you really want to pay $75 for one blouse? You should also take other things into consideration like, "should I really buy another cardigan when I already own 10?", or "how many more black items can I possibly fit into my wardrobe?". Keep a good variety going, and purchase staples that you know you need, or new styles you have been wanting to try. Always look over your clothing previous to buying it. Working in retail, I can't tell you how many times I find makeup-stained, snagged, or torn clothing on the salesfloor from all the times it has been carelessly tried on. Just give it a quick look, and you will save yourself an embarrassing trip back for an exchange. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help! Take your mom, your sister, your friends, or ask a sales associate if you need backup. 99% of the time they aren't working commission, and genuinely enjoy using their fashionable opinion to help you look great. Lastly, make sure you have a fun time! Don't be too harsh on yourself if at first you can't find the perfect fit for you, just keep looking until you've hit the jackpot. After all, in the end you will come out with a refreshed wardrobe, and that's something to be excited about Happy shopping, xoxo!

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