September 9, 2015

Beauty Basics!

If you read my Lipstick Review from a few posts back, you know that I'm a girl who has always loved to glam it up! Even though this is the case, I tend to get into a beauty routine that really works for me, and I roll with that same look for a long time. Seems to work, because I always recieve random compliments on my makeup, and questions on what my staple choices and brands are. I'm no beauty guru, these are just my personal fabulous finds! So, without further ado, I give you my top 9 beauty basics and steps! 1. First, I always start out with an original primer from Bare Minerals. Their pump bottle lasts me about 2 months, seeing as I only use about a pea sized pump each time. Primer is a very important step, because it ensures that your makeup sets well and lasts longer through the day! 2. When it comes to applying makeup, I use Bare Minerals precision brush for foundation, and rounded brushes for the blush and mineral veil. 3. My staple foundation is Bare Minerals original powder. I find that loose powders stay longer than liquid foundation, and won't melt off (insert Wizard of Oz flashback) or collect in the fine lines or creases on your face. 4. I tend to have slightly darker circles under eyes, so I use a small amount of the Bare Minerals stroke of light liquid concealer under my eyes. Don't swipe it into the half-moon under your eyes, instead blend in the form of a downwards triangle. This helps to prevent it caking under your eyes. 5. To finish it all up and make sure it stays in place, I use a light layer of Bare Minerals mineral veil on top of my finished coverage. 6. For a bit of color, I like to use Bare Minerals fruit cocktail blush on my cheeks. 7. I always use a waterproof eyeliner, (you never know when you'll watch a good tear-jerker or get caught in the rain...) and my favorite is L'OrĂ©al telescopic liquid liner. I find that a liquid liner is always more dramatic than a crayon or pencil. 8. My ALL TIME favorite mascara is Makeup For Ever smoky extravagant. This mascara will literally last you forever (hehe, get it?), and has super lash extension powers! 9. Lastly, I use Maybelline baby lips chapstick. I love this product, because it keeps my lips hydrated and also has a pinky sheen color to it. I hope that you find your own perfect beauty routine, and brands that you trust and love! For lipstick reviews and advice, visit my older post titled Lipstick Reviews!

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