July 17, 2015

Mermaid Inspiration!

Today I overheard a slice of a conversation on the radio that ended with, "It seems like every girl on the Internet these days wants to be a mermaid. " It's actually pretty true, from The Little Mermaid themed weddings, to the hair trend that fades from green to blue to purple. Let's just say that I started a trend that really caught on ;) But seriously, I've always been fascinated with anything nautical. I blame it on the fact that I was practically raised on the water, being a 5 minute drive from the beach my entire life. Now although it sounds like I spend my time prepping to be cast as the next mermaid in a big film, I'm actually a fashion blogger, designer, stylist, and illustrator. Being a creative person, I'm constantly being asked what inspires me most. The answer is plain and simple. My heart resides at the beach. My imagination thrives with the ebb and flow of the water, the soft sand on my skin, and the gentle breeze. I find inspiration in the elements of the beach and the creatures that reside there. My childhood was spent near the water, and those raw emotions are what I go back to time and again to inspire my designs. Nearly anything can inspire a design. It could be a color that really caught my eye, the texture of a beautiful fabric, or me simply placing my pencil to paper and letting the free thoughts flow. Sometimes it starts with an image that leads to the idea. With that being said, I rounded up a few of my favorite images into a mood board along with the resulted designs of my own. Also below is my very first piece of clothing that I designed and made from scratch! Mood boards or color stories are what fashion designers use to inspire the direction their upcoming collections. It can be anything from fabric swatches, color swatches, or images. A "Mermaid Mood Board" is a favorite of mine, and always kick starts the creative process for me. Maybe it will be provide a "light bulb moment" for you as well!

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