June 29, 2015

The AmbraceMe Style Dare!

If you're looking to pick yourself up out of your creative slump, there's no better way than a style dare! I began the AmbraceMe Style Dare with hopes of expanding my view of my existing wardrobe and gaining some blogging love. I planned on writing a blog review no matter the outcome, but to my joyful surprise I ended up being the June winner! So thank you to Amber Renae from the AmbraceMe Style Dare on that! I guess you could say that the experience exceeded my expectations. Let me step back and explain to those of you who are unfamiliar. A style dare or style challenge, is typically held by a popular style blogger, and most times they will join along with you. The actual challenge is a month's long list of a chosen theme for each day of the month on Instagram.You use this theme as a reference for your outfit of the day, and post a picture with hashtags related to the challenge. This way other bloggers who are participating can see everyone else's twist on the theme, and you can converse and share ideas! I began the style dare with 160 followers, and ended with 177, so I gained 17 fellow fashion lovers to connect with. I felt plenty of blog love, and also felt more in tune with the fashion blogging community. I also felt very inspired to take a step outside of my fashion box, and try new things. It really got me into a good routine when I referenced the daily challenge as I chose an outfit each morning. I found myself picking up things I hadn't touched in years and still wondered if they belonged in my closet! Turns out, it's good to hold onto things until they become relevant again. For example, for the Feathers and Fur challenge I picked up a pair of feather earrings from years ago and realized I missed them! Now I didn't participate every day, because life gets hectic sometimes, but I did manage to record 12 of the 30 days. All in all it was a fun time, and I highly recommend joining or creating a style challenge of your own. For full outfit details, follow me on Instagram @bedazzledbritt!

Day 1: In the Shadows, Day 2: Scarf or Tie
Day 3: Tribal Territory, Day 4: Colored Frames
Day 5: Fabulous Fridays, Day 6: Feathers and Fur
Day 7: Island Life
Day 15: Silver n Gold, Day 16: Leather or Lace
Day 17: Seeing Pink, Day 18: Print-Tastic
Day 22: Ivory Daze
Day 26: Metallic Madness

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