July 21, 2017

Atlanta Georgia!

12 states down, and only 38 left to go. No big deal, right? Last week I was able to knock Georgia off my list with my first work trip. I went as a merchandise buyer at America'sMart trade show for On The Bay Customs. Man oh man was it quite the experience! So here's 10 things that I learned from my time at America'sMart and Atlanta, Georgia in general! 1. America'sMart consists of 3 ginormous buildings, with hundreds of stores in each one! As much as you want to, you will never see all of it. 2. Wear comfy shoes or your feet and back will hate you for it! Sandals don't count...get some Dr. Scholl's or something going on! 3. Almost every store serves food. Whether it's appetizers, desserts, virgin margaritas, or an entire lunch spread, the free food was a nice perk! 4. Every store does some type of freebie. Mugs, totes, glasses, you name it...they hand it out! 5. Georgia is hot. Not Michigan hot, but so humid you can barely breathe hot! 6. Southern food is everything it's cracked up to be. I tried a dish with mashed potatoes, collard greens, cornbread and fried chicken with a bit of hot sauce, and it was absolutely sinful. 7. Try to save room for the peach cobbler! I wish I had, cause it's just wrong to go to Georgia and not try a peach dish. 8. The "Southern Belles" of today wear head-to-toe Lilly Pulitzer, Simply Southern, a string of pearls, and have the most amazing southern accents. 9. The city of Atlanta looks and feels like you're in good ol' Chicago with towering buildings, traffic, and taxis. 10. There's no palm trees! With it being close to Florida, I have expected to see some....So with all that being said, I'm very thankful I was able to cross off another eye opening adventure from my very long list!

Photos: Crummy pictures taken by me on my phone (sorry).

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