January 12, 2017

North American International Auto Show With SheBuysCars!

I like to consider myself a woman of many different interests. Fashion, food, photography, travel, excercise, etc. But never have I had an interest in cars. Yes, I have always admired a nice looking car, but have never understood the mechanics of it. Embarrassingly enough, even the difference in brands or types has always confused me. This is especially funny coming from the daughter of a car enthusiast, whose prized possession is a yellow '69 Chevelle. Even so, I've never posted a blog about a car in my entire life. So when SheBuysCars reached out to me on covering the North American International Auto Show preview week, I was a tad puzzled. Turns out that "SheBuysCars is designed to empower women as owners and buyers of cars, to help women to become more thoughtful about their cars and their purchase choices, and to foster a closer relationship between auto manufacturers and their female customers." Since this was not my area of expertise, I figured some help in the car department wouldn't hurt! So for three days Emily and I dove into the auto industry, fully touring the auto show floor, speaking with CEOs, CCOs, and CMOs of major auto companies, taking notes in press conferences, attending release parties, and eating private lunch in executive suites. We attended the Disney/Pixar press conference, where the creator of Cars spoke passionately of the upcoming Cars 3, and how the NAIAS was his inspiration for Cars 1. We interacted in the Steel Matters conference, and learned that steel is the greenest material to date being it is recyclable, and has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions in production. Not to mention, it's lightweight, durable, strong, and less costly than aluminum! We sat in the Google press conference concerning Waymo, their first autonomous car. For those who don't know, this is a fully self driving car, that happens to be the most popular development in the auto industry this year. For those who do speak car, look for hands-free smart trunks, cameras that provide a 360° view of the car, Hybrid Electric Vehicles that seamlessly change between gas and electric in order to get the best mileage, and cars you can control from your smartphone or Amazon Alexa. I fell in love with the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe and Acura MDX, while Emily drooled over the Genesis G80 Sport, and every sports car she passed! We had a beautiful private lunch in an executive suite with Hyundai, admired the pieces at the Museum of Modern Art Detroit at the release party for GMC, and lounged and conversed at a candlelit party for Chrysler in the penthouse of the Chrysler building. Not only was covering the NAIAS an exhilarating experience, but it was also a learning experience. Thank you to Scotty Reiss, Mary Moore, and Karyn Locke of SheBuysCars for having Emily and I. We thouroughly enjoyed ourselves, and loved meeting you lovely ladies, and the fellow bloggers of our group. Now I can consider myself a fashionable woman with knowledge and an interest in cars ;) I hope everyone attending the NAIAS this weekend has an amazing time, and for those who don't plan on attending, enter to win tickets for the ride of your life ;D

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  1. It was great to meet you at the media day, Brittany! I've always been the same — in a family of car enthusiasts, I never cared too much about what's under the hood. :) Oh, it's shiny and pretty? I'll drive that one!