January 16, 2017

Create Your Own Café!

I love a good morning routine. Wake up, shower, get dressed, makeup, hair, eat, tea, and be on my way! Sitting down for a warm cup of tea happens to be my favorite part of that routine. It's nice to take a few minutes to relax, breathe, clear your mind, and prepare yourself for a busy day. Everything after that just doesn't feel right until I've completed my morning with tea time. For Emily, sipping on a cup of coffee is the only thing that gets her going in the morning! I think that's the way it is for most people. Especially with a Starbucks on every corner, and cafés being such a hot social scene. Personally we enjoy these moments together, in the peace and quiet of our home. So why not bring the café scene to us? We like to do this by collecting the prettiest mugs we can find. I enjoy inspirational mugs that put a little pep in my step, and sunshine in my soul. Emily hopes to collect mugs from everywhere we travel, as a souvenir to remind us of beautiful destinations. So when we saw the selection of unique mugs at On The Bay Customs, we looked at each other with that all too familiar face of "We need these!" With motivational sayings, nautical vibes, and Michigan destinations, they'll fit perfectly into our set! So create your own café with the cutest mugs around at On The Bay Customs!

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