November 4, 2016

Breaking Rules With Make Me Chic!

There are no real rules to style. Working in fashion, I've heard every silly fashion "rule" to exist. One I hear all the time is, "Black and blue don't go together." There's no reason why you can't wear black and blue together. It was actually huge on the runway last year! Another one that kills me is, "I'm not supposed to be matchy matchy, right?" I personally love to match! If I've got a purple top on, you know I'm about to have purple earrings, lipstick, and nails! And whoever said you can't wear white after Labor day was a little loony in my opinion. The thing I like to tell people is, "We live in an age where there really is no definition of what's in or out." I see people rock looks from every decade. Think about it. I know you know someone who is a total 70's hippie. Or how about your friend that loves leggings, legwarmers, and off the shoulder tops? They weren't born back then, but who said they couldn't be the star of an 80's workout tape? Your style can be defined as being preppy, pretty, sporty, edgy, boho, or all of the above depending on the day! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to now know you have all this creative freedom? ;) If only I could express this to everyone, and not just the people I work with one on one. Guess I'll just have to break one fashion rule at a time! Just like I did with my super chic new outfit from Make Me Chic. White jeans, an 80's sweater, super matchy colors, and all with an equestrian vibe! So pass the word, and have some fun you rule breakers! ;D 

Top: Make Me Chic, Jeans: White House Black Market, Boots: Franco Sarto, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Nordstrom Rack, Necklace: Francesca's Collections 

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