August 9, 2016

Michigan Road Trip: Lexington!

Lexington Michigan holds a very special place in my heart. For one week of August this was the place I called home every summer for years. Even if it was with 200 other band kids, living infamous "this one time at band camp" stories ;) I remember buses of friends stopping at the Birchwood Mall for lunch. Racing to the beach on break, and letting the waves of Lake Huron crash over our heads. Cool foggy mornings, and warm nights under falling stars. Everyone hitting up A&W for coney's and rootbeer floats with their families on pick up day. Strolling downtown Lexington's streets, and exploring the shops before heading home. Last year was Emily's last year of band camp, so we wanted to take a little trip down memory lane. This time didn't involve any marching, but plenty of new fond memories. We began by shopping in and out of every little shop. Then went on to walking out to the pier, and basking in the beautiful view. We then spent the golden hour swimming, and searching for sea glass. For dinner, we went to the Sweetwater Gourment Deli and Bakery for hummus wraps. Lastly, we had to take a pit stop for ice cream at The Pepperoni Cow. Lexington is a small town, perfect for a day of simple enjoyment, rest, and relaxation. A lovely second day of our great Michigan road trip!

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Makes me miss band camp!

    1. Thank you! I know, it brought back so many good memories it almost made me miss it more! Lol!