August 6, 2016

Michigan Road Trip: Frankenmuth!

Upon asking my sister what she wanted for graduation, she told me she wanted to travel. Of course I was pretty pleased with this reponse, seeing as I proudly passed my travel bug on to her! Orginally we planned on going out of state, or to the tip of Michigan. Instead, we decided to travel to all the local places that we had been wanting to see. So we compiled our travel list, and went on our way! Our first stop was Frankenmuth, Michigan. Known as "Michigan's Little Bavaria", Frankenmuth is home to fantastic festivals, delicious dining, eclectic shopping, indoor waterparks, horse drawn carriages, and historical beauty and culture. It's a slice of Germany that's a perfect departure from the ordinary every day. We took some close friends, and explored everything Frankenmuth had to offer. First off, they have shopping as far as the eye can see. We ended up finding my new favorite little shop, Those Nature People Herb Haus. There, they sold everything from crystals, candles, incense, and essential oils. Just a few of my favorite things ;) When it comes to food, Frankenmuth is known for its famous family style chicken dinners, which are served at your choice between the Bavarian Inn or Zehnder's. If it's your first time to Frankenmuth, I'd definitely say to try the chicken dinner! We went against the grain by trying something new, and ate at La Crepe Du Jour. There, I had an amazing chicken alfredo crepe, and a raspberry truffle latte! After dinner, Emily wanted to climb the hill behind the Beer Brewery, and ended up discovering a place to jump rocks and make your way to the middle of the river. It took a little convincing, but eventually everyone made their way to the river for a fun adventure! Our day soon came to an end, and we parted our ways after a successful first day of our great Michigan road trip!

Photos: Emily Joanne Photography 


  1. So jealous! I haven't been to Frankenmuth in years! I'm glad you had fun :) Tell Em I said congrats grad!!!!

  2. Ahh, you need to go! I hadn't either, and I forgot so much! Thanks Rach, I'll tell her! <3