June 4, 2016

Fun in Ferndale!

If you're looking for a fun place filled with unique shops, healthy restaurants, chic cafés, and friendly people, try Ferndale! A very health concious, accepting, and artistic community that I love to visit every now and then! Downtown you'll find plenty of pose-worthy walls. I read an article recently saying that wall scouting is now considered a legitimate hobby! But I'll save my thoughts on that for another post ;) Anyhow, my absolute favorite shop downtown is The Boston Tea Room. They carry books on meditation and yoga, crystals, stones, incense, and anything to help you find your center. Not to mention their amazing variety of loose leaf tea! You'll also find the Rust Belt Market, home to local vendors, artists, and crafters. In the center of the market, banquets and parties can be held in a large room beautifully lit by string lights. There's also the Western Market, for all your fresh flowers, food, and produce. As for eating out, Como's Pizzeria has the best pizza around! If you're looking for a light brunch instead, the Public House has an amazing selection. The scrambled eggs and avacado toast is my personal favorite! There's also plenty of cafés, including the Catfé, where you can play with cats while enjoying your coffee! If you're looking for entertainment, the New Way Bar always has great local talent playing. Ferndale also hosts beautiful art fairs, craft shows, and Ferndale Pride, which is actually taking place today! But don't take my word for it, go check out Ferndale for yourself! And don't forget to take a wall selfie ;) 

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